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Next week on Corrie!

Next week: John Stape is back in Fiz's life, Summer makes a new plan, but is it the right plan? And is Laurence up to something?

John Stape is back

At No.9, Tyrone shows Fiz the first extract from a John Stape book in the Gazette.

Is there anything Fiz can do to stop the book from being published?

After finding out that Nick has banned Sam from spending time with Hope, he heads round to their flat to give him a piece of his mind..

...or his fist!

Later, Fiz breaks the news to Nick that, according to Hope, Sam is still writing letters to Harvey.

Nick is angry that Sam lied to him!

Summer makes a plan

Summer meets up with Aaron and drops the bombshell that she’s still pregnant.

She's decided to give the baby to Mike and Esther and in return they’ve given her £10k, meaning his Dad can go into rehab.

How will Aaron react?

Is Laurence up to something?

As Sean, Laurence and Dylan get ready for their evening out, Sean asks to take a picture of them on Laurence’s phone.

As Todd does so, a photo pops up on the phone which shocks Todd.

Later in the Rovers,

Laurence catches Sean trying to crack the code on his phone. 

Snatching his phone back, Laurence marches out, leaving Sean red faced.

Is he hiding something?


In the Rovers, Daniel tries to reason with Arnie but with no success. 

Adam warns him that Tracy isn’t to be messed with as she was once convicted of murder.

Has Adam’s words of warning saved the day?

Billy is convinced Summer's eating disorder is back with a vengeance.

Summer returns home to find Billy, Todd and Paul waiting for her.

But, will Summer tell them the truth?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street