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Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next week: James says farewell to Weatherfield, the bullies return for Max and Summer and Aaron get into trouble after doing some baking, but it's not all as it seems...

James says farewell

The Bailey family gather to say an emotional goodbye as James leaves the street.

It wouldn't be a proper send off without the support from his number 1 fans, would it?

Max's bullies make a return

In the Freshco car park, Max is accosted by Blake and Chris.

They nick his lunch, break his phone and douse him in water!

As the lads film his humiliation, Max fights tears.

What do they want from him?

Summer and Aaron bake some 'special brownies'...

Summer and Aaron bake some interesting brownies.

Billy returns to the flat to discover the giggly couple.

He is less than impressed!

With the bishop due to visit any minute, Billy is appalled and sends them off to hide in the bedroom.

Later, Aaron's dad arrives at the garage.

Visibly drunk and volatile, he threatens Aaron.

And Paul lays into Aaron for leading Summer astray.

When Paul grabs his bruised arm, Aaron winces in pain, lashes out and punches Paul in the face!

Will Paul report him to the police?


Stu nervously prepares to meet his granddaughter Eliza.

He is delighted when it goes well.

However, the mood changes when Lucy arrives and insists that Bridget and Eliza leave the restaurant immediately.

Will she ever warm to Stu again?


It's all fun and games when Glenda hosts a pub quiz in the Rovers.

Bernie tells fern that she’d be up for any more jobs she can throw her way.

And Wendy is not pleased when she finds out Ken told Nigel to ask her out.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street