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Here's Why You Should Watch Corrie Next Week!

Next week: Daniel's heart is broken and Asha is put into a difficult position.

Daniel Finds Out Daisy Cheated.

Crystal confronts Daisy asking if there is something going on between her and Ryan. Daisy denies it but calls around to tell Ryan that Crystal is suspicious.

Ryan's in the middle of his interview video practise and forgets to turn his camera off, which records him admitting he still has feelings for her and that the sex was great.

Little did they know that the footage of his confessions would be sent to Daniel.

But who sent the video that could ruin Daisy's relationship and break Daniel's heart?

Isla Has A Confession.

A spontaneous boozy meet up between Asha and Isla reveals Nina's worst nightmare as Isla admits she is thinking about dating women.

Nina walks in on the pair looking cosy.

Later on, Nina offers to help Asha out in the shop hoping to spend some time together.

Nina's phone pings with a text as she heads into the back to get her coat.

As Asha scrolls through Nina’s messages, what has she discovered? 


Cassie tells Hope to bunk off school for her birthday.

Evelyn stands up to a man mistreating his dog.

Shona and Max are suspicious about Lauren's sparkly new necklace.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street