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3 Reasons To Watch Corrie Next Week!

Next week: Dylan is arrested, Fiz returns to the cobbles and Adam saves Bethany.

1) Dylan Is Arrested

Maria can't contain herself when Mason walks in to the cafe.

And Gary has to restrain her.

Later, Dylan heads to the precinct.

He's approached by Craig who finds a knife in his bag.

Dylan quickly realises that Mason has set him up and he's arrested on the spot!

2) Fiz Returns To The Cobbles!

Fiz is back, and is welcomed with an argument... uh oh!

Evelyn and Cassie are at each other's throats.

There isn't room for both of them at No.9!

3) Adam Saves Bethany.

Adam attempts one last shot at winning Sarah back.

But as they talk it out on the street a car hauls towards them.

And in the nick of time Adam pushes Bethany out of the way.


Bobby is suspicious when he discovers Roy in the flat going through Lauren’s things

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Logo of Coronation Street
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