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Coming Up: Secrets Spill On The Street

Next Week: Sarah and Damon are caught out, Ryan finds out he's been catfished, Max returns home.

Sarah's Dirty Little Secret

When Damon finds Sarah alone in the flat he suggest keeping her company.

As Damon leans in for a kiss, the door flings open with Gail and Harry stood there.

But as Damon goes to leave he finally get's his kiss.

Unbeknown to them, with a little wide-eyed watcher around the corner.

Will this be the end of their hot affair? Or will Harry keep it to himself?

Secrets Of A Catfish.

Tensions rise between Ryan and Daisy as he continues to text 'Crystal'.

But it soon comes to light that he's been catfished.

And Carla urges him to go to the police.

This is sure to end their friendship if he finds out who is behind it.

Max's Secret Feelings Locked Away.

Max has been hiding how he felt running up to his release, as he dreads going home.

When he arrives home he takes his opportunity to send a letter to Alya, writing how sorry he is.

But will Alya accept his apology?


The jury return to deliver their verdict.

Stephen wants to buy out Carla's share of Underworld but will Elaine agree?

A disaster dinner is held at the Metcalfe's

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Coronation Street