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First look at what's to come!

Next week: Things get out of hand at the protest, James has a near death experience and Sam dresses to impress.

Griff causes chaos

At the protest the police urge the crowd to disperse.

Nadeem arrives at the factory, where an apologetic Carla confirms that the deal is off.

Meanwhile, Griff rallies the crowd.

As Carla and Nadeem emerge, Spider watches in horror as Griff pulls out a bottle and hurls it...

It hits Craig on the head!

When Griff is arrested, a terrified Toyah finds herself caught up in the melée!

Later, Carla is worried when she finds Griff lecturing Peter about his conspiracy theory on big pharma companies.

Carla makes it clear that she disapproves of him fraternising with Griff.

At the flat, Spider begs Toyah to cut ties with Griff.

He reveals that is marriage is over and that he is in fact in love with her.

As they kiss on the balcony they agree to keep their relationship under wraps until after the trial.

Little do they know, a furious Saira stares up at them.

James's near death experience

At the football match, The Flying Horse take the lead.

With only minutes remaining, James gives the game his all, putting the Rovers in front.

Suddenly he collapses!

Ed rushes across the pitch frantically calling an ambulance as Michael performs CPR on James.

Is he going to be ok!?

Sam gets dressed to impress

In a bid to impress, Sam turns up at Jalena’s party sporting a football top and trainers.

Sadly, Jalena reveals she has no interest in football and that she was going to invite Sam for a game of chess. But now he's into football...

She's invited John instead.

Sam is crushed 💔

Is Stephen up to no good?

Stephen lets himself into the salon,

and begins to practise Audrey’s signature.

Suddenly Audrey appears, has she caught Stephen in the act?


As Stu heads home, three lads harrass him in the street, branding him a murderer.

Will this nightmare end for Stu?

Tim opens up to Peter about his problems in the bedroom since his op.

Will Peter have any good advice?

Brian, Wendy and Mary discover they all have parts in the am dram production,

Whilst Ken and Evelyn failed to make the grade.

How will the group feel about this?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street