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Aaron thinks things went too far.

When Aaron sees Amy at Speed Daal, he admits that things went too far and they shouldn't have slept together.

Amy reels in shock at the enormity of his revelation.

Later, Amy arranges to meet up with Summer at the Rovers only to find Aaron sat at the table.

She begins to feel uncomfortable and decides to leave.

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Things get complicated for Daisy.

As Daisy prepares for her Stalking Protection Order hearing she goes to lunch with her Mum. She is left speechless when Christine introduces Daisy to her new boyfriend...Justin!

As she tries to distract herself with wedding plans, she is devastated when the boutique pop by to tell her they are no longer prepared to lend her a dress after hearing about her assault accusation.

She puts on a brave face at the hearing and address to the court about her experience with Justin.

Will she finally get her peace?

Or will Justin continue to invade her privacy?

Beth's confronted about slapping Hope.

Fiz and Tyrone head to Underworld and accuse Beth of lying about slapping Hope.

As she stands up for herself, she reminds Kirk that she is a good person.

But Kirk is upset and ask's Beth for some space.

Is this the end for Beth and Kirk?


Sam and Hope become boyfriend and girlfriend.

And Miley's dad turns up to see Faye.

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