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Next Week: The Past Haunts Bethany.

Next week: Bethany comes face to face with Nathan, Liam lies unconscious, and Bernie threatens to call the police.

Nathan's Back!

After noticing Nathan at police's reconstruction of Lauren’s last known movements, Bethany is convinced he's the murderer.

After doing some research, she discovers Nathan's workplace.

As Nathan rounds the corner, he stops in his tracks.

Bethany’s shocked to come face to face with her abuser.

Liam Lies Unconscious.

Liam has a panic attack.

Not knowing what to do, he takes the Benzo pills he stole from Paul.

Alone in the flat, Liam lies unconscious.

Meanwhile, Maria's thoughts are on Gary and Sarah.

Will she confront Gary or continue to watch them from the camera?


Outside the flat, Bernie comes to spot Denny.

He makes out he's taking Paul's wheelchair for a service.

Bernie doesn’t believe a word and threatens to call the police.

Later, Bernie feels she's been a rubbish mother.

She tries to make Paul's Karaoke night one to remember.


Dee-Dee breaks the bad news to Roy.

Will Alya be able to bring herself to leave for Dublin?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street