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Things To Look Out For In Next Week's Corrie

Next Week: Bernie is arrested, Carla makes matters worse and Dylan causes disruption.

Bernie Tries To Help Paul

Bernie can't stand back and watch Paul struggle, so she contacts her mate Big Garth and asks him to flog the rest of their gear.

But little does she know she is being watched!

Later on, Paul heads to his speech therapy appointment and informs her about his recent recent coughing fits.

Bernie clocks her concern as the therapist insists they see the MND nurse.

Carla Lies To Her Staff

Carla returns from Spain and faces the realities of being back home.

Things aren't great with Peter, and she soon discovers a bottle of whiskey is missing.

It only seems to get worse for Carla when she heads into factory.

With Stephen’s money seemingly vanished, Sarah and Carla realise they’ve no way of paying the staff.

Carla lies to the workers and assures them that the bank has sorted the stolen money.

But will the workers uncover Carla's lie?

Dylan Continues To Cause Disruption

Dylan decides it would be a great idea to have a party in The Rovers, and after a few drinks he goes off into the back room with Leyla.

After they kiss, Leyla suggests they go upstairs.

But the party is soon stopped by Sean and George who heard music from outside.

Startled by the interruption, Dylan and Leyla hold back to keep from getting caught out.

But will Sean cotton on to what really went on?


Gemma's worried that something is wrong Joseph.

And Amy wants to help out at the counselling charity.

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