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Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next week: Summer finds herself the talk of the Street, but can she convince people that it’s not what it looks like? Also, Fiz and Mimi locks horns, who will win?

A Night To Not Remember

A magical night at the Ice Ball turns sour when Summer belittles Max.

He unleashes his dark side and accuses Daniel of abusing his power.

Summer is left distraught and has to convince Billy and Paul that nothing is going on.

But will they believe her?

Mimi's Announcement

Fiz is put out to see Phill and Mimi making plans for his party.

She can't believe her eyes when she sees the outfits they have picked out for her and the girls.

She manages to make it through the party, until Mimi has a surprise for Phill.

She reveals she's moving to Weatherfield!

We're sure Fiz will be thrilled...

Steve's Predicament

Steve is delighted by Curtis' generosity when he tells him he's going to train for the three peaks in aid of Oliver's fund.

But Emma can't help but worry for his health!

Later, Amy tells Steve and Tracy that she's decided to study business at uni.

But Steve is forced to admit that he promised Emma the money from the flat sale to fund Emma's wedding.

Uh oh!

Michael Confronts Aggie

Michael questions why Aggie failed to tell him about Grace leaving Glory on her own!

Will Aggie and Ed come clean?!


After overhearing a conversation, Kelly accuses the Nazir's of torching Speed Daal.

And Adam is delighted to hear that Sarah might be pregnant!

You can stream all the latest goings-on from the cobbles here.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street