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Next week: Sam fears for his life, Eileen and Todd learn something new about Lawrence and things are looking up for Sarah and Michael's business.

Sam fears for his life

On Monday, Two masked men enter the bistro, point a gun at Ryan and demand that he hand over the drugs.

Ryan is terrified, meanwhile Sam hides and calls Nick.

As Nick answers a call from Sam, a gunshot can be heard coming from the bistro.

Nick, Leanne and Damon race into the bistro,

but is is too late?

Eileen and Todd learn something new about Lawrence

Todd pulls up in a taxi as Sean and Laurence head up the street. The driver recognises Laurence.

He warns Todd and Eileen that their friend needs to watch his back.

Eileen and Todd are curious, they track down Mitch the taxi driver.

He reveals how he and Laurence were having an affair when Lindsey fell down the mountain...he suspects Laurence pushed her!

Eileen and Todd are left shell-shocked.

When Eileen and Todd break the news to Sean, Laurence reveals that the surprise mini break involves mountains, Sean masks his unease.

Things are looking up for Sarah and Michael

Having spent all night working on the samples, Beth tells Michael and Stephen that her machine has jammed and if Carla sees it she'll realise she's been moonlighting.

Later, Rufus announces that he'd like the exclusive rights to their products.

Michael, Sarah, and Stephen are over the moon!


At No.5, Bernie says how the Ladies golf captain reckons they'll waive the membership fee and offer her a scholarship.

Dev does his best to appear pleased for her.

Adam tells Sarah that they need to make time to talk about having a baby, but Sarah tells him that now isn't the right time to be thinking about a baby.

Nina challenges Roy to put his phone away and work the rest of his shift without looking at it.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street