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Next week: Aadi lands himself in hot water and Frank has some apologising to do!

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Aadi covers for Summer

Summer is touched when Aadi calls round with a set of homemade revision cards.

In the exam, the invigilator spots the revision notes on the floor.

Recognising the handwriting, she kicks Aadi out of the exam!

Dev is convinced Aadi is covering for Summer.

He reveals that Summer has a new boyfriend, so he doesn't need to protect her anymore.

Will Aadi change his story?

Mrs Crawshaw summons Summer to her office. Will summer admit she intended to cheat?

George recognises Frank

In the Rovers Sean introduces Frank to George.

George becomes flustered when he recognises Frank from school.

At Eileen's request, Frank apologises to George for any upset caused back in the day.

Will George accept his apology?


Max offers to help his friend Sonya with her media studies homework.

A glammed up Cathy is disappointed to realise her date night consists of a beer tasting at the local pub!

Daisy and Jenny try Leo's homebrew. Will they have the heart to tell him they find it horrible?

Meanwhile, over at the barbers, Maria and David realise they've both booked the same day off.

Who's going to look after the place?!

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street