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Sneak Peek Into Next Week

Next week: Roy collapses! Will he be okay? Also: Mason is released from prison, and Gary lies to Maria.

Roy Lies Unconscious And Is Given CPR

As Roy heads out he is confronted by a gang of yobs calling him names.

Roy stumbles and it's clear he's in pain.

Carla rushes to his aid and warns the group to back off.

Moments later, Nina and Shona rush into the cafe.

They find Roy on the floor.

The paramedic gives him CPR as the girls watch in horror. Will he be okay?

Confusion In The Police Station

Maria heads to the police station when she hears Mason is due to be released from prison.

She's confused to see Sarah there.

Gary comes out of the interview room and Maria demands to know what is going on.

Will Gary come clean? 

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street