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Preview Pictures: Emma's Big Day

Coming up: The big day for Emma and Curtis has arrived, but as Emma waits nervously in the venue, we’re left wondering where Curtis is! 

I Do?

A nervous Emma waits for Curtis at the wedding venue.

But has he done a runner? 

The Barlows Vs The Platts

Daniel sets his laptop up at the carol concert.

When he gets distracted by Dasiy, Max senses an opportunity. 

But he soon realises his mistake when Daisy reveals that it was Daniel who had him reinstated at school!

Later, when Daniel starts to flounder, Daisy comes to his rescue.

Sarah rounds up the Platts and Barlows and suggests they sort out their differences and spend Christmas together. 

But as the two families trade insults, she’s left wondering what she’s let herself in for. 

Rather you than us!


Lydia pops round to help Sarah.

But when Sarah mentions Adam, things soon turn awkward.

At the markets, Lydia is intrigued to learn that Daniel is Adam’s uncle. 

What is she thinking?

Nina Struggles

When she can’t get hold of Asha, Nina struggles to cope with her anxiety. 

Can Carla help?

Kelly’s Guilt

Kelly is unsettled when she’s notices Abi watching her. 

She decides that for Abi’s sake, she needs to move away from Weatherfield. 

Can Aadi persuade her to stay? 


Asha invites Nina round for Christmas Day.

Abi is treated to the best present ever!

And there’s some bumps in the road as Craig teaches Faye how to drive. 

If you're as excited as we are about this year's Christmas episodes, make sure you're caught up on the ITV Hub.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street