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Preview Pictures: Next Week On Corrie

Next week: It's time for Kelly to face the judge, can Imran do what it takes to get her a reduced sentence?

Kelly's Sentencing

The day of Kelly's sentencing has arrived.

Imran begs the judge to consider Kelly's troubled upbringing and fragile mental health.

But is it enough to get her a reduced sentence?

A Bad Week For Audrey

Audrey and Shona have a heart to heart after Audrey admits she's been feeling a bit redundant recently.

Surely a birthday meal with her family will cheer her up!?

But when she unwraps her "old-lady" presents, she's not amused!

And when Rita turns up, it's the final straw! Audrey has left the building.

Can she make a speedy exit?

Or will the evening end with a bang?

Sally's Mission

Sally is still trying to rally the community to act against local parking issues.

And when she spots a local councillor contributing to the chaos, she's not happy.

We certainly wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her...

Aggie's Predicament

Aggie and Ed reveal that Grace is forcing them to give her their house, or else they can't see Glory!

Will James be able to offer a solution?


Imran has a confession to make.

Debbie reveals her big Halloween plans!

Roy encourages Nina to express her creative side.

And Stefan tries to make things difficult for Kevin.

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