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Gary and Maria's fears all come true, Kevin finds out the truth about Alfie's real dad and Emma lies to Craig.

Dead And NOT Buried

Some very worrying news comes out for Gary and Maria.

The police are searching for a body at Weatherfield County’s new training ground...

And, with their greatest fears coming true, they find one!

Can Gary and Maria hide their worries from Kelly?

The Secret Is Out

After Abi tells Imran he can't see Alfie, he says he will do whatever it takes, even if he has to put his name on the birth certificate.

So when Kevin finds the birth certificate...

...he definitely has some questions for Abi.

We're sure he'll keep it all to himself though.

Forbidden Love

Craig is convinced Emma is still seeing Jon and decides to confront her about it.

Of course, Emma denies it and Craig hopes she's telling the truth for the sake of his career.

And it's not strictly a lie as Jon tells Emma he's moving to Australia.

So they decide to make the most of the time they have left together.

Let's hope it doesn't jeopardise Craig's chances of returning to the Force.

Don't Go

Fiz tells Tyrone that they will be moving out sooner than they thought.

Tyrone puts on a brave face but secretly is gutted that they're leaving.


Nick finds out that Sam has been playing Chess with Roy behind his back.

Nick is furious and wants answers.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street