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Next Week: Things Heat Up

Next week: Things heat up for Zeedan, but can he control the situation before things turn ugly? Also: Summer only has eyes for Daniel and Curtis has a visitor.

Things Heat Up For Zeedan

Whilst on a dodgy deal, Ryan questions Zeedan about what he's up to.

And it's not long until Alya confronts Hashim!

Zeedan worries about his sister's involvement, what will be the consequences?!

It's not that long until Speed Daal goes up in flames!

Just a coincidence? Or has Hashim got something sinister planned?!

Copy Cat

Summer makes an attempt to impress Daniel by dressing up like Daisy.

But he doesn't bat an eyelid.

How will Summer react to the rejection?

Hello Son!

As Emma and Curtis discuss wedding plans, he explains it will only be a small celebration as he doesn't get along with his family.

So when his Dad unexpectedly turns up, Curtis is panicked!

His reaction confuses Emma.

What exactly has Curtis been hiding?

Green-Eyed Max

Daniel Offers Summer a lift home from school.

Little do they know, they're being watched by jealous eyes!

How will Max interpret this situation?

Home Alone

Aggie has some strong words for Grace when she finds out Glory has been left on her own.

How will Michael react?


Gary and Maria provide some stability for Kelly.

Fiz invites Phill and his Mum, Mimi round, but what has she let herself in for?

And things go awry between Daisy and Daniel.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street