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Next Week On The Cobbles

Next week: Laura makes her final request, Craig and Faye get shocking news and Sam takes the world of chess by storm.

Final Wishes

Gary visits Laura in hospital and she has one last wish.

She wants to be able to hug Kelly again.

Can Gary convince her to go and see her Laura one last time?

He pleas with Kelly but ultimately, the decision is hers.

What will she decide?

Unexpected News

Craig and Faye go to the hospital to get a scan.

But the news isn't what they were expecting to hear.

Sam's Gambit

Sam takes his seat at the chess tournament.

Nick watches with full confidence and nothing but pride.

Will Sam be triumphant? Or will he be left disappointed?

Summer's Truth

Summer admits the reason she didn't check her blood pressure.

Can Aadi offer her the right kind of support?

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Jon arrives back at the flat after forgetting his phone.

And it seems like the secret is out when Faye looks at him very shocked!

But more importantly, will he recognise Craig?

Love Triangle

After Daisy and Daniel have a lovely day out.

But Daisy is brought straight back down to earth when Nicky tells Daniel she has been offered the TA position!

Uh oh!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street