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Next week: Rowan flatters Leanne, Nathan gets knocked out and Bernie goes on a search of her own.

Bernie goes on a search of her own.

After Bernie admits to Dev that she had another son, Zodiac (Zac for short), who was taken into care. She explains that he was later adopted, changed his name to Christopher Green and she's determined to find him.

Will she find what she's looking for?

Nathan gets knocked out.

As Daniel and Bethany head out, they're shocked to be confronted by Nathan, who rails at Bethany for harassing his girlfriend.

Later, on the building site, Nathan's packing up as a hooded figure approaches and strikes him over the head.

Nathan collapses unconscious!

But who did it?

David assures Bethany and Sarah he's innocent but they're interrupted by Shona brandishing the tracking app on David's phone which proves he was at the building site when Nathan was attacked.

Is David guilty?

Rowan flatters Leanna but Toyah's not happy.

When Rowan reveals that he's been promoted to head of the North-West division and offers Leanne a tour of the Institute.

Leanne is flattered!

Toyah decides to meet with Rowan's ex, Una and explains how her sister has become embroiled in the Institute and she's worried she might be in danger.

Will she get the confirmation she's been fearing?

As Leanne leaves for the retreat, Toyah begs her to reconsider, but Leanne refuses.


Max tries to make some money off Kevin.

And George tries to end the feud.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street