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Next Week: Toyah is suspicious of Rowan, Sean begs Violet to let Dylan stay and has Roy got himself into more trouble?

Things get worse for Roy

Roy and Evelyn head out with Freddie, when they come face to face with Alice, who starts filming them.

As Roy tries to stop her, she stumbles and bangs her head. Accusing him of assault, Alice hurries away.

Is Roy in more trouble?

Toyah has suspicions

As Rowan checks out of the hotel, a breathless Toyah arrives and quizzes him about the Autovalent Institute. As Rowan spouts his reality coding drivel, Toyah reveals that she's a trained counsellor and suggests that what he's doing is harmful.

Toyah warns Nick that Rowan is a fraud who preys on vulnerable people and he needs to nip Leanne's obsession with the Autovalent Institute in the bud before they take all her money. But will they listen?

Sean Begs Violet

Sean begs Violet to reconsider and let Dylan remain in Weatherfield, but she won't be swayed.


Appalled by her recent behaviour, Ryan orders her to leave.

Maria is hurt when she sees Gary and Sarah in the flat together...

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street