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Remembering Anne

Look back at some of Anne Kirkbride's memorable moments as the irreplaceable Deirdre Barlow.

She will be sorely missed.

Deirdre's First Appearance

We first met Deirdre on the 20th November 1972.

Deirdre, Ken and Mike

The 1983 love triangle was one of Deirdre's defining storylines.

The Weatherfield One

Deirdre was wrongfully imprisoned in 1998 causing a huge outcry in the media to 'Free the Weatherfield One'.

Deirdre and Blanche

Deirdre had a tempestuous relationship with her acerbic mother Blanche.

Ken and Deirdre

Ken and Deirdre were one of the great romances of our generation (most of the time).

The AA Meeting

The Barlow's rallied together to support alcoholic Peter at his first AA meeting.

Deirdre and Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin, the other man in Deirdre's life.

The Lorry Crash

In 1979 baby Tracy was feared dead, after a lorry crashed into the Rovers.

Deirdre's Trifle

Deirdre struggled with the stress of Peter's wrongful imprisonment in 2014. "Jelly shouldn't run - it should wobble!"

Ken and Deirdre's Bedtime Stories

2011 saw Ken and Deirdre star in their own spin-off series.

"Ken, did you remember to take the bins out?"

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