Coronation Street

Rita's Memories: Who are all the voices?

Rita took a melancholic walk down memory lane but did you recognise all the voices from the Rovers' history?

They all left a little something here didn't they...

Rita Tanner

Alec and Bet

The first voices we hear are Alec and Bet Gilroy from episode 3307, 20th November 1991.

Bet sulks at husband Alec after he announces he's going to work on a cruise over Christmas, leaving her to run the pub alone...

Elsie Tanner

Next up is Elsie Tanner in episode 1771, 4th January 1978.

Fred Gee and Len Fairclough have been fighting but Rita blames Elsie Tanner for stirring up trouble!

Betty Turpin

You can't be in the Rovers and not think about Betty! This is from episode 1757, 16th November 1977.

Can Betty convince Rita to have another drink before she heads back to work with Mavis Riley?

Mavis Wilton

Arguably Rita's best friend, Mavis' appearance is from episode 2346, 26th September 1983.

As Mavis witters on about flying off on holiday, Rita blames her drinking.

Dennis Tanner

How could Rita not have Dennis on her mind, today of all days? From Episode 8411, 23rd June 2014.

Rita and estranged husband Dennis remember Tina McIntyre at her funeral wake, with Dennis trying to gain Rita's forgiveness after running off with Gloria Price some months earlier.

Hilda Ogden

Can you remember things from Coronation Street's history and not bring up Hilda? This is from episode 2251 27th October 1982. 

After securing a new cleaning job with wealthy Dr Lowther and his wife, Hilda Ogden tells Annie Walker about a function she attended at their fancy home.

Bet and Betty

Was there a more formidable trio than Rita, Bet and Betty? From episode 1609, 16th June 1976.

Rita hangs out in the Rovers with Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin while Mavis Riley entertains Derek Wilton in Rita's flat.

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