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Seb Franklin

Seb's life keeps going from bad to worse and, as far as he's concerned, Gary is the one to blame. But will getting his own back on his former boss have unintended, and deadly, consequences?

Seb’s feud with Gary shows no signs of letting up. With his life in tatters after the loss of his brother and sister, the breakdown of his relationship with mum Abi and now a bust-up with girlfriend Faye, Seb is a path to self destruct, firmly laying the blame at Gary’s door.

On the outside it looks to Seb like Gary’s got it all and while he flashes the cash with Sarah in the Rovers, gloating about the work he’s got coming his way, a brooding Seb vows to teach Gary a lesson.

Could a vengeful Seb have tampered with Gary’s roof repairs at the factory in a bid to ruin Gary like he feels he ruined him?

Harry Visinoni Interview

In the run up to the factory collapse Seb’s not been having a great time, what’s been going on in his life?

Seb walked in on Sarah in the bath thinking that he had a chance with her, but clearly he didn’t, then it all kicked off when Gary found out. Seb and Gary have a really big fall out, there’s a spat in the pub and tensions are running really high. Seb is publically humiliated by Gary which potentially renders him quite dangerous. On top of this he loses his girlfriend over it, he’s previously lost custody of the twins and lost his relationship with his mum. Basically Seb’s lost all the people who were close to him, Gary included as he was his mate as well as his boss. All the relationships he’s been building over the past year or so have just come crashing down. It’s all gone to pot for Seb.

When times have been hard for Seb previously Gary has been a bit of a mentor, how close were they?

Yeah Gary’s his mate, they’ve grown close over time, they’ve worked together and they bonded over the whole Phelan situation as well, they’ve been through a lot together and they were close. Seb’s devastated about losing his relationship with Gary.

How hard does it hit Seb when he loses his job and Gary turns his back on him?

It hits Seb pretty hard, at the minute he’s literally got no prospects, no friends, no girlfriend, no family and no one in his corner bar Eileen. It’s hard times for Seb.

Seb then sees Gary in the Rovers flashing the cash and it looks like his life is on the up, how does this start to make Seb feel?

He starts to feel very spiteful of the world and his situation, Gary’s pushing his buttons and Seb’s not a very cool tempered chap. Gary is totally winding him up, he knows what buttons to press with Seb and he’s fuming.

Is Seb the sort of person who could quietly be plotting revenge or is he more impulsive in his anger?

I think he’s quite impulsive, he does whatever he thinks is right in that moment, he doesn’t have much control over his emotions and he can let them get the better of him. He’s very capable of making irrational decisions thinking that he’s being rational. He gets a crazy idea in his head then bang he just rolls with it.

How far would Seb be prepared to go to take revenge on Gary?

He’s not very happy with Gary, I think he does want revenge, he does want to even the score a bit. He is definitely capable of lashing out and losing his cool when the odds are against him.

Could he purposefully damage the factory with the intention of making Gary look like a cowboy builder?

Definitely, Gary’s walking around thinking he’s all that, he's got his business, his crew, what looks like a successful business and Seb’s got nothing. He wants to take Gary down a peg or two because that’s what Seb thinks he deserves. Making him look like a dodgy builder would do the trick.

Where is Seb at the time of the factory collapse?

He’s not seen which could be suspicious. He’s previously left the pub after having a square up with Gary and he’s gone off to stew. Gary is very much the only thing on Seb’s mind and he’s thinking about how he can take him down a peg or two.

Are you enjoying playing this side of the character, a darker more brooding Seb, a bit more like the Seb who first came to the street?

That’s the thing about Seb and his upbringing, there’s always the possibility that he could go off the rails, it all makes sense and we’ve seen that through his character development. He always has that fire in him, clashing with the sensible, responsible Seb. It’s really enjoyable to play.

Does Seb want to be a good guy?

Yes definitely but sometimes he just feels like the whole world is against him. Seb’s got his own moral compass that he follows, he believes in what he does and he rarely thinks he’s wrong.

Could you see Seb being the next Corrie villain?

The potential is definitely in him. A lot of it will depend on the situations he’s put in and the influences he’s under, he could go either way. We’ve seen that Seb can be sensible but at the same time he’s got that other fiery side to him. It depends on what Seb thinks is right, which just as easily could be morally wrong!

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