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Sensational Super Soap Week Sees Stephen's Secrets Revealed

Stephen Reid's reign of terror reaches a dramatic climax on the cobbles this month in the nail biting final chapter of this thrilling storyline. 

Whether he escapes justice or finally pays for his crimes, one thing is for sure actor Todd Boyce is finally bidding farewell to Stephen and Coronation Street, leaving shock and devastation in his wake.

As a new day dawns in Weatherfield on Monday October 9th, Stephen is planning his escape from the cobbles and the trail of dead bodies, unaware that the residents of Coronation Street are putting together the pieces of a rather shocking jigsaw puzzle, one that could leave him seeing out his days behind bars, not running one on a beach.

As he slowly realises that his time might be up, and with nothing to lose, he determines to make a final bid for freedom and will stop anyone that gets in his way.

A frustrated Carla is convinced Stephen dosed her up on LSD but without evidence the  police can’t prove it. What’s more they don’t want to alert him to the fact that they suspect him of murdering Teddy and Leo. Will Peter be able to contain his fury at Stephen’s attempts to destroy Carla? 

Meanwhile Tim is distracted from Sally’s plans for their wedding anniversary when a passing mention from Brian of Stephen’s interest in the canal dredging project gets the cogs whirring. But when Stephen realises Tim is on to him he determines to silence him for good. 

As a furious Sally assumes that Tim has gone to the county match with Kevin, her husband is actually fighting for his life in the boot of his car which is being doused in petrol. Has Tim paid the ultimate price for his suspicions?

Jenny is excitedly planning her new future in Thailand with Stephen, unaware that he is responsible for murdering her lover. How will she react when Carla warns her that the police are after him? 

At the factory a calm and collected Stephen tricks an oblivious Michael into enabling him to transfer the full balance of Underworld’s account into a bogus one he has set up. Can Michael stop him in time?

When Audrey discovers from Sarah that her precious first born has stolen her house from under her nose she seeks him out determined to know why he betrayed her so cruelly, but is she putting herself at risk by confronting him at his most desperate?

As the shocked residents realise that they have a murderer in their midst the hunt is on to find Stephen before he can add to his death toll - or are they too late?

With the walls closing in on Stephen will he escape to foreign climes or does he have unfinished business which will see him make one final mistake? Will Weatherfield CID finally get their man?

Watch the drama unfold on ITV and ITVX on October 9th, 11th and 13th.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street