Coronation Street

Top 10: Liz's Lovers

Liz has been unlucky in love more times than she'd care to mention and with Tony trying to weasel his way back into her life, what better time to look back at some of her past relationships.

Jim McDonald

The love of Elizabeth's life, so he is. Liz was a teenage bride when they married in 1974. They split in 1996. Remarried in 2000 but divorced again in 2005.

Even from behind bars Jim continued to circle Liz's life, but in 2014 Liz made it pretty clear that she never wanted to see him again.

Whether she can stick to that, we'll have to wait and see!

Tony Stewart

Liz hooked up with her mate Eileen's ex in 2014, but a year later she learned of his affair with Tracy Barlow and their plan to steal the pub from her.

Tony was unceremoniously dumped but he still holds a torch for Liz and now that he owns Steve's half of the pub he's got the perfect excuse to keep popping in for a pint and some flirty banter.

But will Liz succumb to his charms?

Vernon Tomlin

Liz settled down with rock'n'roll drummer Vernon Tomlin. Liz married Vernon on New Year's Eve 2007.

But in 2008 she finished with him, realising he would never be enough for her.

Lloyd Mullaney

Steve was horrified when he found out about a fling between his mum and his best mate in early 2009.

After a few months, Liz dumped Lloyd while in Spain, but they had a brief reunion in 2015 before Lloyd left the cobbles for good to start a new life with his pregnant girlfriend Andrea.

Fraser Henderson

A gangster who spotted Liz in the prison visiting room when she visited Steve.

Upon his release in 1997, Liz unwittingly became his moll, blind to his crimes, until Fraser's henchman held Liz, Andy and Jim hostage at No.11!

Michael Wall

Liz reunited with Jim when he was paralysed and wheelchair-bound in 1998, but she fell for his physiotherapist Michael and Jim caught them having sex on his downstairs airbed!

Liz left Weatherfield with Michael but they split two years later.

Derek the Drayman

Finding devoted Vernon lacking in excitement, Liz embarked in an affair with married Derek from the brewery in 2007.

Vernon was devastated when he found out, but eventually forgave her...

Colin Barnes

Employed by Liz as a barman at her pub The Queen's, she took him to bed following her first split from Jim in 1993.

Des Barnes

Liz worked for Des in the Bookies'. They shared a kiss but Liz resisted taking things further and quit her job to stay faithful to Jim.

But Jim's suspicions were aroused and their marriage was afflicted by the lack of trust stirred up.

Dan Jones

Brewery rep Dan helped comfort Liz after Tony's betrayal but was discovered to be a prostitute-beater when Leanne Tilsley exposed his seedy past.

He held Leanne, Liz and Simon hostage but was caught and banged up.

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