Coronation Street

Trailer: Gary's In Danger!

As Gary's life crumbles around him, we asked Mikey North how far will he go to keep his secret to protect the ones he loves?

How does Gary feel knowing he is up against such a tough villain like Rick?

It’s a challenge, but it’s been great. I’ve been blessed in working with two great villains, Phelan and now Rick, which has been really enjoyable. Gary has often tried to bully people, like Seb down the years, but when he comes up against people like Rick, he realises he’s not so good at it after all.

How does Gary end up in the woodland with Rick?

Well Rick is clever… Gary goes looking for Sarah as she had gone missing and he is led to believe she is seen leaving with Rick. This gives Rick the chance pretend he has Sarah and get Gary to meet him in the woodland if he ever wants to see Sarah again.

How does Gary get himself in such difficult situations?

I don’t know, he tries to do the right things for the right reasons but in actual fact he ends up getting himself into more trouble. He needs to learn how to calm down his enthusiasm!

What runs through Gary’s head when he realises Rick has tricked him?

He feels instant panic. There is a grave there that has been pre-dug, obviously for Gary, and probably Sarah, he thinks at that point. And yeah… He comes to realisation things aren’t looking good!

How did Gary feel with the fact he may be staring death in the face?

It’s been inevitable that things would go too far one day, he’s been up against some difficult situations, especially with the responsibility of the factory collapse and now being faced up against Rick, things don’t look too promising for him!

Coronation Street