Trailer: Kylie's Last Goodbye

David Platt is to be left devastated by the death of his wife Kylie - just as the couple finally find happiness.

With Tony Stewart in the frame for Callum’s murder it looks as though David, Kylie and Sarah are home and dry.

However Kylie is uncomfortable about letting an innocent dead man take the wrap for a crime she committed. She suggests the family leave Weatherfield once and for all and put the events of the past year behind them.

But their excitement and future plans are cut short by Kylie’s unexpected death.

Kylie's Last Goodbye

The details of how Kylie dies are being kept under wraps so viewers can watch the events unfold on screen.

It was very emotional to film the scenes knowing that I would never return and her death has huge consequences for David and all the family.

Paula Lane
Nick, Kylie and David - Coronation Street - ITV

Kylie’s final episodes will air the week beginning Monday 11th July.