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Wendy Crozier Returns!

She's back! We sat down with Roberta Kerr to talk about what it's like to return to the Street...

How does it feel to be back on the cobbles?

It’s great, fantastic. It’s a completely different place, of course, because the last time I was here it was 2012 and it was before they moved. It’s very, very new.

There is a whole new audience of Corrie fans who’ve seen the Ken and Wendy affair on Classic Corrie – do people still mention that to you?

Yes, it’s quite low key at the moment. It’s an interesting storyline, very different from how it was previously. I have just done a play, last week, and there were some people who came up to me afterwards and they obviously do watch the classic episodes, so they were particularly excited. I hadn’t thought of that and hadn’t realised that was happening. It did quite take me by surprise.

Wendy is back this time as Abi’s social worker – what can you tell us about her life right now?

Wendy has been working as a fosterer in the interim and more recently, she has been doing this mother and baby suitability assessing. She is teaching Abi parenting skills, and assessing how suitable she’d be to have Alfie back with her full time. It’s a big change, I love it and I think it’s fantastic.

Have you been following the Abi/Imran/Toyah story on the show?

Some of it, it’s tricky when you are working in theatre because you are not available all the time, but I can get stuff on catch up. What this has meant for Wendy is, because she doesn’t live on Coronation Street anymore, she has to shadow Abi because she’s got Alfie and of course, Abi wants to go back and see Kevin on Coronation Street. So that is a bit daunting for Wendy, when she realises where Abi lives.

Have you had fun working with Sally Carman?

Oh yes, she’s great and fantastic. We have some friends in common, which is really nice. I’ve worked with a theatre company that Sally has worked with so we’ve got that to chat about as well. She’s so friendly, it’s great. I do still know some of the cast from before, and I’ve met with people who have just started because it’s quite a small world.

Is Wendy nervous about seeing Ken, Tracy and the rest of the Barlows again?

Oh god, absolutely. Once Wendy realises where Abi lives, that’s a real issue for her. She’s even wondering if that’ll be ok. It’s a tricky one because it was so awkward the way her relationship with Ken ended before.

What was it like to be reunited with Bill Roache?

I haven’t been reunited with him yet. Wendy and Ken  haven’t crossed paths yet. Who knows what’s going to happen there!

Will Tracy give Wendy hell? She’s a pretty formidable enemy…

Tracy is not going to let Wendy get back in Ken’s life, is she? Kate and I have done one  of those scenes with verbal sparring and that was great. It will be interesting because there’s the slight complication of Tracy and Abi being friends, so that’s another aspect. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

Did you watch any classic Corrie to get back into Wendy’s mindset?

I watched my show reel! It’s going to be interesting for people who are watching the classic Corrie who are seeing me as I was 30 years ago when they see me now.

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