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Who Is Trapped In The Wreckage?

Underworld should be empty on the day of the disaster but the factory staff, joined by Gemma and Emma, barricade themselves into the building to demonstrate against Carla’s new business model, which will see them lose their jobs!

FIRST LOOK: Factory Collapse

In a horrifying twist of fate it’s this protest that sees them left fighting for their lives, not just their jobs.

When the roof caves in, the group are left buried under the rubble. Who will get out alive?

Gemma was only at the factory to support the protesters, will she be okay?
Paul and Kirk are trapped under the debris, are they still in danger?
Can Sean help to save his friends?

Sally And Gina

The sisters find themselves in grave danger when the roof collapses. Having climbed onto the scaffolding on top of the factory to hang their protest banners, the pair get into an almighty row.

As months of tensions come spilling out suddenly the roof gives way. It’s Sally who falls first, screaming as she disappears from sight under a cloud of rubble.

Could the feud between the sisters have cost one of them their life?

To The Rescue!

Tim, Abi and Tyrone are the first on the scene following the accident and with the emergency services still on the way, they find themselves rushing into the building to help rescue survivors!

Tim is desperate to get to wife Sally, while Abi and Tyrone frantically try to reach those who are still trapped.

But as the debris continues to fall and the last section of the roof suddenly collapses it looks like more people could now be in danger...

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PREVIEW: Who is trapped in the wreckage?INTERVIEWS:Alison King on Carla ConnorChris Gascoyne on Peter BarlowTristan Gemmill on Robert PrestonBen Price on Nick TilsleyMikey North on Gary WindassHarry Visinoni on Seb Franklin

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street