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Battle For the Bistro

Robert's getting grief from Carla in one ear, Nick being rude in the other and an increasingly short fuse. Tristan Gemmill hints at whether the explosive truth will come out!

Robert has been trying to put his night with Carla behind him and is instead looking to the future, by offering to buy into the Bistro.

But when Nick unceremoniously shoots him down and an increasingly guilty Carla gives Robert a hard time, it's not long before the secret is on the tip of his tongue!

Will Robert reveal all?


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The Truth About Johnny

Why have one earth-shattering secret when you can have two? We spoke to Richard Hawley about what else Johnny is keeping hidden from his family.

He never wants them to know...

– Richard Hawley

Carla knows the truth about Johnny being her dad and pretty soon the rest of the Connors are going to catch up too.

But that's not the worst of it! Johnny's been living with a dark secret to do with Aidan and Kate's mum and he's not going to want that one getting out.


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Carla Cracks!

Carla is about to get hit with some life-changing news and, Carla being Carla, she's not going to take it very well. We spoke to Alison King about Mrs Connor's self-destruct button!

Carla doesn't take bad news very well, so when Johnny confesses his big secret her guard goes up and she pushes everyone away - especially poor Nick who is only trying to help!

Carla soon finds herself back a familiar roulette table but this time with an unlikely ally, but this time it's not just the drinking and gambling that goes too far...

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Tracy's Lies

Tracy has been visiting Rob in secret but doesn't know the half of it! Kate Ford hints at what troubles are in store this Christmas...

She's got herself between a rock and a hard place.

– Kate Ford

Tracy's suffered mixed emotions ever since Rob resurfaced. Despite knowing that Robert is better for her, she can't help be intrigued by the man she was going to marry.

But when she lies to both men about what she's up to, you know things are going to get complicated - this is Tracy Barlow after all!

Will Tracy see through Rob's nefarious plans?

Will Robert learn that Tracy's been sneaking off to prison behind his back?


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Sarah's back with a bump

Sarah returns to the cobbles thinking that she can put what happened behind her. We spoke to Tina O'Brien about the next twist in the story!

Poor Sarah's head is about to explode!

– Tina O'Brien

Kylie's relieved at first to see Sarah in a happier frame of mind but David remains unconvinced.

Then, after one-too-many drinks in the Rovers, Sarah accidentally stumbles into the path of Tim's van which opens up a whole can of worms.

Did David have anything to do with her accident? Kylie thinks so!

But that's nothing compared to the shock revelation the Doctor has for Sarah - will there be no escape from Callum's legacy?


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Behind The Scenes: The Car Race

We put our pedal to the metal and joined the cast and crew as they got the behind the wheels of Luke's car race.

What happens if you put Dean Fagan, Tisha Merry, Oliver Farnworth and James Atherton out on a freezing street in the middle of Manchester?

Car-nage! (sorry)

Dean talks about stunt drivers and sitting in the driving seat, James reflects on playing the villain and see how we filmed the heart-pounding race - including drone-cam!


Goodbye Tony

As Tony drives off into the night we say goodbye to Terence Maynard in his final Coronation Street interview.

I'll miss it with all my heart, no doubt about that.

– Terence Maynard

Terence reveals what it's really like to work on the Street, his reaction to reading his exit storyline for the first time and the relationships he's made, especially with Beverly Callard (Liz) and Ryan Thomas (Jason) while he's been on the cobbles.


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What Should Leanne Do About Simon?

Simon's back and things are worse than ever. We spoke to Jane Danson to ask what Leanne is going to do next?

In hindsight, sending Simon to spend the summer with Peter was never going to go swimmingly, but Leanne certainly didn't think things could get any worse - how wrong could she be?

Simon launches a campaign against his mum and pushes her to the edge - will Leanne push back?

Knowing things have gone too far there's only one course left to take - talk to Ken.

Will he be able to help?


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