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Classic Clip: Fresco's Ball

Bethany and Craig asked about Maxine Peacock on Monday - what better excuse to show this wonderful Throwback Thursday from the big Freshco's Ball in 1999.

She's not the only Maxine in this clip - recognise any other famous faces?

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Day Six

You asked for another from our archives and we listened!

On the SIXTH DAY of December we have a classic Christmas clip from 1977, featuring Eddie Yeats and Stan & Hilda Ogden. Absolute legends of the cobbles, played by the late, great and much missed trio - Geoffrey Hughes, Bernard Youens and Jean Alexander.

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Day Two

So what's behind the window of DAY TWO of the Corrie Advent Calendar?

Why it's an absolute classic Xmas clip from back in 1989 featuring Curly Watts and the late, great Jack Duckworth.

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Explosive Corrie

Remember, remember the fifth of November, but Guy Fawkes has nothing on Coronation Street!

Celebrate Bonfire night with a collection of some of the biggest explosions and stunts Weatherfield has ever seen.

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Horrornation Street

As the scariest night of the year approaches we take a look back at some of the most gruesome, grizzly and downright terrifying murders on Weatherfield's most famous Street.

Beware of what you may find, these classic Corrie clips are not for the faint of heart!

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