Daniel Osbourne

Daniel Osbourne is played by Rob Mallard

First Appearance: 16th November 2016

BEHIND THE SCENES: Daniel and Sinead's Wedding

Love is in the air - get all the gossip from behind the scenes at Daniel and Sinead's alternative wedding!

We asked Rob Mallard, Katie McGlynn and Andy Whyment all the big questions: Will Sinead tell Daniel about her scan? Is this the first ever Coronation Street wedding that hasn't ended in disaster? And, what on earth has Kirk come as..?

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Interview: Sinead's Surprise Wedding

As Daniel plans a secret wedding, Sinead's in turmoil as she discovers she may have cancer.

We spoke to Rob Mallard about whether their big day will go ahead.

Why does Daniel decide to have a spontaneous wedding?

It’s been such a rocky way for them to get together in the first place, he sees it as do it while you can because you don’t know what else might happen. Sinead’s not very conventional so it seems to make more sense to do it's a surprise rather than do it in a traditional, conventional sense.

Is it an official wedding?

No, it’s more like a ceremony. I assume that off screen they will go to a registry office and get it done that way because Kirk hasn’t been ordained.

What do they wear for the ceremony?

It is still a smart event but it’s very earthy with lots of natural colours – it’s more like you would expect a scene out of A Midsummers Night Dream, I imagine.