Eva Price

Eva Price is played by Catherine Tyldesley

First Appearance: 17th June 2011

Keeping Mum

As Eva plans to move away to have the baby, we speak to Catherine Tyldesley about what's coming up for Eva.

Leading up to this week, has Eva started to have any doubts?

She went into it with a genuine heart, her and Toyah have developed this really strong bond and relationship and she genuinely felt sorry for Toyah and she thought she would be able to deal with it all.

But as we know, and as the viewers know, Eva has got a big heart and things are going to be extremely difficult for her. She is still in love with Aidan, as much as she tries to deny it she does still love him, and this is their baby, so at the same time she is wracked with guilt.

So, when she thought this would be the ideal solution, was she being naive?

Yes! She is not the brightest of girls, and she never thinks of the consequences. At this point she thought, "Oh my God, this is the ideal solution!" Toyah can have the baby, she will get her life back, hopefully get back with Adam and she just doesn't question the consequences.

Was Toyah naive about the whole thing too?

Yes, they were both naive and desperate, that's the key word here, desperate. They were both looking for something and this sounded like the ideal solution, when in fact is anything but.

Eva signs the lease on the cottage this week, is she worried about moving away?

She has been putting it off but it is getting to the point where she can't hide this bump anymore or pass it off as a heartbreak diet. Eva is also finding it incredibly difficult to be on the street, seeing Adam and Aidan. Now she realises that moving to the cottage is the best thing to do.

But she is very dubious about it because she is not very good on her own, she has always needed, a boyfriend, a mum or a sister, and she will be in the middle of nowhere on her own. She is very needy and she is worried about that.

The midwife starts talking about the importance of the father's involvement. Is this when Eva realises the significance of what she is doing?

When she mentions the fathers involvement, Eva looks around the room and see's all the couples preparing for what should be the most important moment in their lives, it's then she realises she is robbing Aidan of the chance to be a father. He will never get to hold her, sing to her, and do all the things that Dad's are suppose to do, and that really overwhelms her at that point.

That is the big heart in Eva coming through, she grew up without a Dad and that is also a key part in this.

Toyah realises that something is not right with Eva, does she support her?

Toyah is totally genuine, she is a very genuine person and hates lying just as much a Eva. She wouldn't behave like this if she wasn't so desperate to become a mum.

She also went through the whole wedding scenario with Eva and saw how in love she was and how desperate she was when she found out about the affair. She really does care about Eva and she realises that although they had a plan, Eva should go for it with Aidan if she thinks it will work out.

Is the weight of the lie with Toyah as well?

Both of them are riddled with guilt. They are lying to both Aidan and Peter, and those men don't deserve that.

Do you think that Eva should tell Aidan?

Yes 100%. If I was her friend I would never have let her go this far in the first place. But it has taken Eva this long to realise that she loves Aidan, because she hasn't been letting those feeling in, every time she has thought about it she has just pushed it to one side.

Overtime and because she is carrying his baby it has overwhelmed her how much she still care about him. If I was her friend I would be saying you have to give this a go, and that's exactly what Toyah does.

Do you think Aidan is her soul mate?

Yes I do and this whole year has just been horrific for them both. They have both made mistakes, and they should really sit down and talk about it all.

Do you think Eva would make a good mum?

Yes I do think she would be, a slightly dizzy one but a good one nonetheless. She would be loads of fun and cherish a little baby.

Do you think she could cope as a single mum?

Her mum did that, and she has got that strength from her mum. I just don't think she has the self belief.

Why did she not want the baby in the beginning?

It was fear, she was terrified, she was a alone carrying Aidan's baby, and was still not over the events of the wedding. The wedding was huge betrayal and a huge event and she just couldn't see a way out of it. She was so hurt and alone. If she had spoken to Leanne first instead of Toyah it would have been a different story.

Do you like the dynamic with the three sisters?

I absolutely love it! I love working with Jane and Georgia they are fantastic actresses, the characters just work so well together because they are so different. I love the comedy between Toyah and Eva and their differences. Toyah is very much natural and earthy and Eva is anything but, there is a lot of comedy to be had here and it works. Leanne is like the mother figure and they all care about each other very much.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 11th April

  • Eva Price

Double Trouble for Maria and Eva in Corrie's EXTRA Wednesday Episode

Things are about the get very messy on Coronation Street when Eva Price takes the ultimate revenge on Maria Connor in tonight’s (Weds) dramatic double bill!

As these photographs show the furious bride sees red and pushes her love rival into the fountain at the lavish wedding venue - before jumping in after her and dunking the terrified hairdresser under the water.

In scenes reminiscent of the famous Dynasty lilypond catfight between Krystal and Alexis, the two women battle it out in the fountain as the stunned wedding guests look on.

New Coronation Street Theme Tune

We are delighted to announce plans to record a new version of the show’s iconic theme tune - with cast members singing specially written lyrics.

In the exclusive video above Producer Kate Oates reveals that for the first time the opening titles will no longer be purely instrumental.

Executive producer Kieran Roberts also explains that the decision was partly driven by the abundance of great singers in the cast.

Behind the scenes footage shows Faye Brookes, Cath Tyldesley and Shayne Ward recording the new theme tune and talking about how thrilled they are to be part of such an historic moment in the programme’s 56 year history.

The lyrics have been written to reflect the show’s unique DNA and include the lines:

It’s Coronation Street
Northern friends you’d like to meet
Hotpot, cobbles, murder and vice…
Sometimes not nice (but there’s comedy too…)

Michelle comes out fighting!

Poor Eva Price finds herself on the receiving end of Michelle Connor’s wrath tonight (Monday) in Coronation Street.

Following Friday night’s shock revelation that Steve McDonald is the father of Leanne’s baby Michelle has come out fighting - literally.

After punching Leanne, and giving her a bloody nose in the bistro kitchen, Michelle turns her attentions to Leanne’s sister Eva when the pair argue over Michelle locking Steve and Liz out of the Rovers.

Determined to ruin Steve, Michelle holds a lock in and dishes out free drinks to the punters. When Eva tries to stop her she sees red and tells her to leave but when Eva refuses a fight breaks out and Michelle drags a screaming Eva out of the pub by her hair!

The catfight is the latest dramatic development in the storyline which looks set to continue for weeks to come as Steve and Michelle play out their very messy break up in public.

Cath Tyldesley said:

“It was brilliant, I have wanted Eva to have a scrap for ages. I think Eva would do quite well in a proper fight as she is feisty but she is taken a bit by surprise by Michelle.

"When I told my husband Tom that I had a cat fight coming up with Kym Marsh his words were ‘Salford vs Wigan! This will be a god ep!’ "

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