Kate Connor

Kate Connor is played by Faye Brookes

First Appearance: 5th October 2015

Behind The Scenes: Farewell Rana

Join Bhavna Limbachia and Faye Brookes behind the scenes of their heartbreaking final scenes together.

And, find out what Kate and Rana's relationship means to them and what it was like to film the Underworld roof collapse.

Kate and Rana Kiss!

This is the moment that Rana Nazir finally gives in to her feelings for Kate Connor and shocks her with a kiss.

For weeks Kate has believed that Rana’s negative reaction to her relationship with Imogen was homophobia and the pair fell out.

Kate and Rana made up after Kate and Imogen split, and in a bid to hide her growing feelings for her mate, Rana told hubby Zeedan that she wanted to try for a baby.

But in Wednesday’s double episodes (11th Oct) a drunken Rana turns up out of the blue at Kate’s flat and stuns her friend by kissing her.

How will Kate react when she realises her married best friend is in love with her?

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New Coronation Street Theme Tune

We are delighted to announce plans to record a new version of the show’s iconic theme tune - with cast members singing specially written lyrics.

In the exclusive video above Producer Kate Oates reveals that for the first time the opening titles will no longer be purely instrumental.

Executive producer Kieran Roberts also explains that the decision was partly driven by the abundance of great singers in the cast.

Behind the scenes footage shows Faye Brookes, Cath Tyldesley and Shayne Ward recording the new theme tune and talking about how thrilled they are to be part of such an historic moment in the programme’s 56 year history.

The lyrics have been written to reflect the show’s unique DNA and include the lines:

It’s Coronation Street
Northern friends you’d like to meet
Hotpot, cobbles, murder and vice…
Sometimes not nice (but there’s comedy too…)