Kayla Clifton

Played by: Mollie Winnard
First Appearance: 27th April 2018

Interview: Kayla's Crusade

Watch out Craig and Bethany - Mollie Winnard hints at just how far desperate Kayla is willing to go to protect her dad, Neil!

What is Kayla and Neil’s relationship like?

She is a daddy’s girl, her dad is her whole world.

How does Kayla feel when Neil loses his appeal?

That is the moment that everything switches for her. At first, she was just trying to gather information for the appeal but the minute that the appeal is rejected and her dad says to her, ‘I am going to die in prison,’ that is when she makes the decision that she will do whatever it takes to protect her dad.

Why does Kayla change her mind and tell Craig she wants him back?

Her plan is back on. She believes that Craig knows that Bethany has lied about Kayla’s dad, Neil, and that he can’t cope with that and that is what has triggered his OCD so she is trying to bring it back up.

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