Michelle Connor

Michelle Connor is played by Kym Marsh

First Appearance: 3rd April 2006

Kym Marsh

Coronation Street have today confirmed that Kym Marsh is to take a break from her role as Michelle Connor later this year.

Kym joined the cast in 2006 and has been at the centre of some of the show’s biggest storylines during her 13 years on the cobbles.

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Interview: Connor-geddon

Don't mess with Michelle when her sons are in danger! We spoke to Kym Marsh about how the Connors will deal with the threat of Ronan.

How does Michelle react when she finds out Ryan could have done more to save Cormac?

She goes into full protect mode, she doesn’t even think twice about the situation. She would do anything for her sons, so she just wants to cover it up. Ali is furious because he’s been dragged into the lie, he doesn’t want to be a part of it but goes along with it because Michelle asks him to. He covers up for Ryan’s lack of response, in a weird way Ryan was trying to help Cormac, as he’s just come out of jail and he didn’t want him to get into more trouble but it all backfired.

Does Michelle fear that despite her best efforts Ronan will find out the truth?

She’s very scared, especially when Ronan pays them a visit the following day wanting to see where his son spent his last moments. It’s made worse as Ronan is asking questions about who gave Cormac the drugs and Ryan just agrees with him about a name – the next day we see in the paper that the drug dealer’s been killed. After this everybody starts fearing the worst.

Preview Clips: Friday 14th April


Steve begs Michelle for another chance. How will she react?

I know I deserve everything that you decide to throw at me, but I just can't let us go Michelle.

– Steve McDonald


A devastated Tyrone tells Fiz about what Kevin's financial woes and potential bankruptcy will mean for them and their family.

You've nothing to feel ashamed about, this bankruptcy is not your fault.

– Fiz Stape

Michelle comes out fighting!

Poor Eva Price finds herself on the receiving end of Michelle Connor’s wrath tonight (Monday) in Coronation Street.

Following Friday night’s shock revelation that Steve McDonald is the father of Leanne’s baby Michelle has come out fighting - literally.

After punching Leanne, and giving her a bloody nose in the bistro kitchen, Michelle turns her attentions to Leanne’s sister Eva when the pair argue over Michelle locking Steve and Liz out of the Rovers.

Determined to ruin Steve, Michelle holds a lock in and dishes out free drinks to the punters. When Eva tries to stop her she sees red and tells her to leave but when Eva refuses a fight breaks out and Michelle drags a screaming Eva out of the pub by her hair!

The catfight is the latest dramatic development in the storyline which looks set to continue for weeks to come as Steve and Michelle play out their very messy break up in public.

Cath Tyldesley said:

“It was brilliant, I have wanted Eva to have a scrap for ages. I think Eva would do quite well in a proper fight as she is feisty but she is taken a bit by surprise by Michelle.

"When I told my husband Tom that I had a cat fight coming up with Kym Marsh his words were ‘Salford vs Wigan! This will be a god ep!’ "

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