Interview: Angie’s Future

We spoke to Victoria Ekanoye about the state of Angie’s marriage and find out whether there's a chance of reconciliation with Jude on the horizon...

How does Angie feel about Jude now he’s training to be a paramedic, has it had the desired effect he hoped for?

It’s not necessarily that he’s training to be a paramedic, it’s the fact that he’s doing something with his life and he feels real. It feels like there’s no more deceit and he’s finally manning up which is what she wants because she’s had to wear the trousers for so long. What she wants more than anything is that family unit and she’s hoping that this could turn things around.

It’s not about the job, it’s about him showing initiative and working to keep the family unit together which is her priority.

So is Angie starting to thaw towards Jude, could the marriage be saved?

Yes, I think she’s looking at him in ways she used to look at him before all this started. Drive, ambition and passion are all attractive qualities, together with the fact that he’s a great dad to George. Angie wonders maybe this is the missing piece of the puzzle and despite how much he’s hurt her maybe they can build on this and get the trust back. It looks like he’s willing to make a change so maybe there is a way forward. There was a time when Angie was madly in love with Jude and those feelings are still there if she can find them again.

Angie went on a date with someone else last week, is that really what she wants?

I think the date was a knee-jerk reaction, her trying to kid herself that she can plaster over everything and move on. But ultimately it was never going to end well, she’s still emotionally attached to Jude and they haven’t resolved anything in their marriage.

Angie goes on her first date since ending her marriage to Jude.

With her feelings for Jude reignited, how would she feel if she found out he’d been lying to her again?

I think that would be the end for Angie, everybody makes mistakes and there are certain things you can forgive but I think if she found out he was lying again there wouldn’t be any way back. He saw the consequences of his actions the first time and after they talked it out if he chose to do the same thing again it would show he had no intention of changing. She made a lot of sacrifices for Jude by moving to Weatherfield and he seems to have made none. If she finds out he’s been lying again it would be the final blow.

Mary has been very blinkered about Jude, how do you think she would feel if the scales were to fall from her eyes?

I think if Mary is to find out about Jude’s lies it could impact on Mary more than Angie. Angie’s dealt with this before and would have to accept this is just who he is whereas Mary still has her rose-tinted glasses on. Mary’s only just got her son back, and the family unit, and she wants everything to be perfect. I think Angie’s heart would really go out to Mary.

Mary discovers Jude's lies!

The Coronation Street Bee Is Coming Home

Mission 'Bring Hilda' Home Accomplished as Corrie stars make winning bid at Manchester's Bee in the City auction.

Last night Corrie cast headed down to the Bee in the City Auction with one mission in mind - to get 'Hilda Bugden' back to the cobbles giving cast, crew and Corrie Tour visitors the chance to see her back home!

Lot 25 was the aim and after a bidding frenzy Dolly Rose Campbell, Melanie Hill and Charlie de Melo managed to bag the bee with the help of the audience who got behind their task as the room went wild telling auctioneer, Charles Hanson, to put the gavel down and "sell it to them"!

Charlie, Dolly and Mel with Hilda!

The National Television Awards

NTA Longlist Nominees!

It's the big one - The National Television Awards are back, back, back!

Coronation Street is nominated in the Serial Drama category.


But that's not Coronation Street's only nomination... Be a part of #TeamCorrie by supporting our nominees in television's biggest night of the year.

Coronation Street Receives Award For Services To Humanity

Coronation Street cast and crew gathered today to receive a unique and prestigious award.

The Queen’s Representative and High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Dr Robina Shah, presented the programme with a Certificate of Commendation in recognition of services to humanity through Coronation Street’s narrative of the lived experience of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Particularly around promoting issues of mental health.

Dr Shah commented:

“As the High Sheriff of this wonderful County I have chosen to commend Coronation Street for this award. For almost 60 years, Coronation Street has served us well by creating and producing innovative story lines that powerfully reflect profound and often unspoken real life social issues that influence the dynamics of the society in which we live.

“Through the lens of Coronation Street cameras, viewers have learnt about the impact on individuals and on families experiencing personal trauma, social exclusion, domestic violence, drug addiction, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, the list goes on. In real life these challenging issues are often faced alone and in isolation, slowly eroding self-esteem and self-value, affecting mental health and overall wellbeing.

“Coronation Street is not only a worthy recipient, but also most deserving of this award, for its role in promoting and raising awareness about sensitive social issues that affect many vulnerable members in our community. I am extremely pleased to honour and recognise the iconic and national treasure that is Coronation Street. Many congratulations indeed to all of you who work on the programme”.

Receiving the award on behalf of cast and crew, Producer, Iain McLeod said:

“It is a genuine honour and privilege to receive this commendation on behalf of everybody who works on the programme. We’ve always strived to tell important stories and sometimes within those stories we are in a fortunate position where we can help inform, educate and sometimes even lead change. Indeed, two of our recent storylines have had such a dramatic impact on our audience that our charity partners have seen a huge surge in people using their services. There is no doubt television drama can both alter and save lives and that will always be an immense source of pride for all of us."

The prestigious High Sheriffs Certificate of Commendation is awarded to a very small number of individuals and organisations that are deserving of recognition. This is the first time it has ever been awarded to a television programme.

Maureen Lipman to star in Coronation Street

Acclaimed British actress Maureen Lipman CBE has joined the cast of Coronation Street.

Maureen will play Tyrone Dobb’s grandma Evelyn Plummer, she comes into his life after he decides to research his family history following the recent death of his mum Jackie.

Outspoken battleaxe Evelyn will soon be ruling the roost at number 9 much to Fiz’s dismay and it isn’t long before she starts to ruffle a few feathers on the Street.

When is Coronation Street on?

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Mon 9 July - 7.30 & 8.30PM
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