Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow is played by Chris Gascoyne

First Appearance: 5th April 1965

Day Eleven

Peter has been keeping secrets ever since he walked back into Weatherfield. As Christmas approaches it becomes clear, that as usual with Peter, a woman is involved...

When he’s overheard booking a hotel room and caught wrapping a present to the love of his life it looks like his mystery woman is about to be revealed.

Nick is convinced he’s making a play for Leanne as he watches her and Peter bond again over Simon - what is Peter’s game?

Quick Fire Christmas Questions

The Barlows at Christmas

We asked Chris Gascoyne some fun festive questions!

What are your plans for this Christmas?

I will just be having a quiet Christmas with all my family.

What does Christmas mean to you?

It’s memories isn’t it really, once you get to a certain age. It’s also a nice time to be with your family. I do really like Christmas and it reminds me of when I was young spending time with my family and of course you miss the people who aren’t there anymore. It’s a time for reflection.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

It was a football game called Subbuteo in the 1970s and I loved it. Another boy who lived down the road from me had it for quite a while before me, so I was just thrilled when I got that.

What will you be watching on TV this Christmas?

I’m not sure yet because I haven’t got my TV Mag! I like to go through it and ring all the programmes that I want to watch, that is how boring I am! I love all the television programmes at Christmas and watching I’ll be Coronation Street on Christmas Day.

What is your secret to a stress free Christmas?

Break it up a bit as you don’t have to be together all the time. Go and do something else: Go out, go for a walk, do other things. But I don’t think there is any such thing as a stress-free Christmas is there?

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Barlow Dynasty

Storm clouds are gathering on Coronation Street this winter as Ken Barlow finds himself at the centre of a power struggle when his estranged son and grandson arrive in Weatherfield.

The return of Peter Barlow last month rocked the cobbles when a massive row between him and his dad ended in Ken suffering a stroke.

But things take an even more dramatic twist next week when Ken’s son Daniel and grandson Adam join Peter in returning to the Barlow fold.

And with Tracy less than impressed at the Barlow boys’ posturing it looks like Ken’s road to recovery is going to be a rocky one!

Viewers will see Adam first on Wednesday 16th November when he rolls onto the cobbles in a red jag, wearing a camel coat and puffing on a cigar - an image which will no doubt remind viewers of his dad Mike Baldwin.

Whilst Daniel is discovered by a shocked Barlow clan the same night, sitting at Ken’s hospital bedside, reading King Lear aloud to his father.

The coming weeks and months will see tempers flare and tensions rise at number 1 as Tracy, Peter, Daniel and Adam jostle for position in the Barlow household.

Rob Mallard plays Daniel Osbourne

Rob Mallard has been cast as Daniel, Ken’s son by Denise Osbourne, who we last saw nine years ago when Ken went to stay with the pair.

While Sam Robertson will reprise his role as Adam Barlow, the son of Ken’s late daughter Susan and Mike Baldwin, who has been living in Canada since he left Weatherfield in 2007.

Rob, whose previous credits include No Offence, Fresh Meat and Emmerdale, said:

“It feels great to be starting work on Coronation Street and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.

"I grew up watching Coronation Street, so the chance to be in it, especially playing a part like Daniel, is very exciting.”

Sam Robertson, who also starred in E4’s Beaver Falls, said:

“I’m delighted to be back, Coronation Street was my first job as an actor and is a special place for me.

"As a young actor it was a little overwhelming so I’m looking forward to coming back and stamping my mark on the character, I feel there’s unfinished business with Adam.”

Producer Kate Oates added:

“The Barlows have been at the centre of Coronation Street since it started in 1960 and I felt it was time to remind ourselves of the dynasty that Ken has built up over the past 50 years."

I am excited about the dynamics of having the different generations living together on the same street and exploring the drama that will bring.

– Kate Oates

“When Peter turned up first in October his arrival immediately had consequences for the family when Ken suffered his stroke. He is followed this week by Adam and Daniel. I am delighted to have Sam back, his time away from Weatherfield has hardened Adam and although he is a Barlow the Baldwin genes are evident from the moment he arrives."

Adam arrives in a flash sports car looking to cause mischief.

“Daniel is a different Barlow altogether, more sensitive and bookish, he is clearly a chip off the old block, but there is more to Ken’s youngest son than meets the eye. Rob is a talented young actor who is perfect for the role.”

Daniel visits Ken in hospital

Will Ken Be Okay?

A devastated Peter Barlow sits by his father’s hospital bedside convinced he has caused the stroke which has left Ken’s life hanging in the balance.

Ken collapsed in the hallway of number 1 during a big row with his errant son who had returned to Weatherfield out of the blue.

Convinced Peter is up to his old ways, after finding him sneaking in the house in the middle of the night, Ken tackled him about the real reason he is back on the cobbles.

But rather than explain Peter went on the defensive and the pair had an almighty row culminating in Ken’s shock collapse.

Peter and Tracy are told that Ken has suffered a stroke and that the next few days will be crucial to his recovery. But Peter is worried that it was his row with Ken that caused the stroke.

Will Tracy find out about the row, will she blame Peter?

The drama continues on Weds and Friday this week as the Barlows struggle to cope with the aftermath of Ken’s collapse.


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First Pic: Peter's return

Ken's surprised when Peter unexpectedly turns up on his doorstep looking for somewhere to stay.

Ken wonders what he’s been up to when he spots a nasty gash on his forehead but will his son give him a straight answer?

Not likely!