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Phelan drops a bombshell after a trip to Liverpool, Rich causes trouble for Robert at the Bistro, Will returns to catch up with Michelle and will Eva discover the truth about Aidan and Maria?

Eileen is suspicious when she sees Phelan getting into a car with Nicola, what's he up to?

Nicola, Phelan and Seb arrive in Liverpool. Phelan looks around wistfully as he shows them some of the local sights from his youth.

But when Phelan starts to press her for details of her parents, Nicola feels uncomfortable and suggests they head home.

At the Builder's Yard, Eileen and Nicola confront Phelan over his behaviour.

But how will they react when Phelan tries to explain what’s going on?

Aidan's forced to hide a half-dressed Maria when Eva returns early from France!

Eva stomach turns as the reality kicks in that Aidan and Maria are having an affair.

Incandescent, Eva flies out to confront Maria but will she be able to in front of Liam?

Erica's taken aback when Dev announces they're going out and Kevin agreed to babysit.

Erica thanks Kevin for helping out and it's clear there's a spark between them.

Michelle bumps into her ex boyfriend Will.

Will she agree to join him for a catch-up?

Rich demands Robert uses the Bistro to launder money for him or he'll reveal a few home truths about Robert to Michelle.

We’re don’t think Robert will take that kind of threat lying down!

Chesney warns Daniel to stay away from Sinead or he won't hesitate to shop him to the police. Will Daniel heed his warning?

Later, in a bid to win Sinead back, Chesney invites her to see an art-house film.

Gina tearfully admits to Sally and Tim that she's received a letter from her husband ending their marriage.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 5 June - Fri 9 June

This week on the Street: As David and Shona grow closer will her secret be revealed? Bethany reels in the aftermath of last week, will Jenny stumble onto what Johnny is hiding and what will Daniel do next?

It is touch and go for Shona as she comes through her operation for a ruptured spleen.

Shona starts to tell David about her child who went off the rails, but Gail is stunned when she sees David gently kiss Shona.

Later, David takes Lily and Max to Kylie's grave but is shocked when he finds Shona there. Will she have some explaining to do?

Daniel desperately tries to talk to Sinead but how will she react when she makes a shocking discovery about Daniel's family?

After an accident, Gina is forced to secretly make some new stock - will Johnny be impressed when he finds out?

Later, Jenny is amused when Johnny stumbles on the way home from the pub.

She puts it down to too much booze but Johnny knows differently...

Sarah is pleased and when Neil arrives at the house to see how Bethany is.

But what is really being discussed?

Later, Craig is delighted when Bethany tells him she and Nathan are over, his reaction strikes chord with her.

Back home, Bethany desperately searches for her passport.

But Sarah catches her at it. Does Bethany have some explaining to do?

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