Preview Clips: Friday 25th January

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Suspicious Tyrone follows Evelyn to a random house, until a policeman confronts him demanding to know what he's up to! Will Evelyn back up his story?

I was just telling him that we were looking for you cat... remember?

– Tyrone Dobbs


Sarah plays with fire, as her and Adam flirt over a bottle of wine. Will this end in disaster?

I'm sorry, it's just my default mode flirting.

– Adam Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 23rd January

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Abi has a job interview, but when she gets questioned about the gaps in her CV will she get creative with the truth?

You just hear the word Botswana and you feel like you have to go there, so I did.

– Abi Franklin


Roy is shocked when he gets a phone call to say that Sylvia’s had a heart attack and is near the end. Will he accept Carla's offer to help?

I have dealt with grief before.

– Roy Cropper

Preview Clips: Monday 21st January

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Sinead meets baby Bertie for the first time. Will he be okay?

Hello Bertie.... it's Mummy.

– Sinead Tinker


Liz helps a nervous Amy break some massive news to Steve and Tracy, but how will they react to her bombshell?

It's alright because EVERYONE is going to stay extra specially calm!

– Liz McDonald

Interview: Nicking It!

We interrogated Ben Price about Nick's dastardly deeds - will he spill the beans?


This is a new side to Nick what made him steal Audrey’s money?

I don’t think he sees it as stealing the money, it's more of a business opportunity for him. I think he genuinely believes he is going to give it back.

He has got himself into a bit of deep water with his ex-wife Elsa, his new relationship with Leanne and then the factory, so the money is what will sort all of this out.

Did he think Audrey wouldn’t notice the money had gone? And, did he always plan to point the finger of blame at Lewis?

Nick always planned to put the blame on Lewis and somehow get it back to her. He also imagined that the money wasn’t hers originally, so it is not really hers to lose. She hadn’t expected to get it and it wasn’t her savings or her hard earned cash.

Does Nick imagine it will all go wrong?

No he doesn’t, he is borrowing the money and he will give it back. He is a bit crazy with buying things though, that has got to look suspicious but money is very important to Nick, image and money and he will do a lot to keep that.

Preview Clips: Friday 18th January

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Gary breaks the news to Audrey that it’s going to cost thousands to fix her house.

Can Audrey afford to pay?

This place is the only thing I have that's worth anything.

– Audrey Roberts


As Steve and Tracy make a list of the pros and cons of having another baby, they’re interrupted by Amy who makes it clear she thinks it’s a terrible idea. Will they agree?

Any chance of a group hug?

– Steve McDonald

Preview Clips: Wednesday 16th January

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Nick is rattled by a blast from his past, but who is Natalie and what is she really after?

We're just going over some details to do with the divorce.

– Nick Tilsley


Kate and Rana discuss their wedding plans - on a very strict budget!

Two brides and some banging tunes, it will make it the best night The Rovers has seen in years!

– Rana Habeeb