Preview Clips: Friday 10th May

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Ryan begs an unimpressed Alya not to tell Bethany he asked her out. Is his secret safe, or will Bethany discover the truth?

It is clear all you care about is yourself.

– Alya Nazir


Paula invites Sophie to join her on a pony trekking holiday in Spain! How will Sally take the news?

It means that I am going pony trekking.

– Sophie Webster

Preview Clips: Wednesday 8th May

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Bethany confides in Sarah that she does really like Ryan but struggles to get close to people after experiences in her past. Will she be too late to tell him how she feels?

I really like him mum.

– Bethany Platt


Michelle’s touched when Daniel reveals how much Robert is helping to find Carla. Is there still a spark between them?

Eh, you're not trying to say summat are you?

– Michelle Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 6th May

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With still no word from Norris, Mary chats to Rita and Tracy who suggests that maybe Frida has done away with him. Is she correct?

Some woman befriends a gullible old pensioner and next thing you know... boom!! He's buried under the rhubarb.

– Tracy Barlow


Geoff is glad he got his own way for a romantic night meal with Yasmeen, but will things go according to plan?

Stop sulking, we can go to the pub if you want.

– Yasmeen Nazir

Preview Clips: Friday 3rd May

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Eileen is put out when Moira sets her sights clearly on Jan, but how does Mary feature in all of this?

I usually go for the bad boys...

– Moira Pollock


Mary and Tracy are shocked to find the door of number 3 open and Freda inside. Freda explains that Norris has asked her to sell the house! How will Mary react?

If any of this is true he definitely would have spoken to me about it?

– Mary Cole

Preview Clips: Wednesday 1st May

Coming up on Coronation Street...


Sally has high hopes for her healthy dinner party but how will she react when Tracy invites herself along?

I'm sure it's going to be a once in a lifetime experience

– Sally Metcalfe


Jealous Chesney jumps to to the wrong conclusion when he sees Gemma and Ryan together. Will he realise he’s made a big mistake?

It didn't take you very long to find someone else did it?

– Chesney Brown

Preview Clips: Monday 29th April

Coming up on Coronation Street...


A repentant Peter attends his alcoholic support group. With Ken's support will he be okay?

Was I just looking for an excuse to have a drink?

– Peter Barlow


Toyah accuses Nick of sabotaging the factory roof after she finds the Health and Safety report hidden under his bed! Can he offer an explanation?

Have I come at a bad time?

– Nick Tilsley