Coronation Street: Then, Now & Forever

Journey back through 57 years of Coronation Street with our exclusive new promo which recreates iconic scenes in a celebration of Britain’s most popular continuing drama.

The promo depicts iconic scenes from each decade of the Street, showing not only the scenes themselves but also the craft involved in creating the moments we see being filmed.

Some of the scenes were shot on the Coronation Street set whilst classic sets were recreated at Shepperton Studios.

The costumes were created using archive photography and footage while actors were cast to match the original performances and emulate the moments featured.

Tony Pipes, ECD of ITV Creative, said:

"Everyone has a favourite Coronation Street scene, a memorable moment and the chance to recreate some of these was a beautiful adventure."

Sarah Tobias, Head of Marketing and Media at ITV, added:

"Coronation Street is on brilliant form at the moment, so now seemed like the
perfect time to celebrate the soap. We hope viewers love reliving these classic moments as much as we have loved recreating them.’

Kieran Roberts, Executive Producer ofCoronation Street, said:

"We're delighted to have such a brilliant marketing campaign celebrating Coronation Street's past, present and future. These promos are simply stunning and I'm sure viewers will love them as much as they love Corrie itself."

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Trailer: Kylie's Last Goodbye

David Platt is to be left devastated by the death of his wife Kylie - just as the couple finally find happiness.

With Tony Stewart in the frame for Callum’s murder it looks as though David, Kylie and Sarah are home and dry.

However Kylie is uncomfortable about letting an innocent dead man take the wrap for a crime she committed. She suggests the family leave Weatherfield once and for all and put the events of the past year behind them.

But their excitement and future plans are cut short by Kylie’s unexpected death.

The details of how Kylie dies are being kept under wraps so viewers can watch the events unfold on screen.

It was very emotional to film the scenes knowing that I would never return and her death has huge consequences for David and all the family.

– Paula Lane

Kylie’s final episodes will air the week beginning Monday 11th July.

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Shattered Lives

Monday 17th October kicks off a catastrophic week on the cobbles as fractured families are forced to pull together in five explosive episodes.

After the death of his wife Kylie, David Platt is dealt another agonising blow when he hears her killer Clayton may not get the justice he deserves. Determined to take matters into his own hands David’s plan is devastating and disturbing.

Enlisting Nick and Sarah's help, a panic-stricken Gail sets about trying to pull David back from the brink. but what happens next in Weatherfield will have far reaching consequences for more than just The Platts.

Watch The Exclusive Trailer

If that wasn't enough, Peter Barlow makes a shock return to the street but he’s not met with the warmest of welcomes...

Peter’s story is he’s lost his job, but with a cut to his face and his nighttime disappearances it soon becomes clear that there’s more to his sudden re-appearance than he’s letting on.

Ken’s suspicious of the secrets Peter is hiding and when he tackles him in the early hours, no one can predict the consequences. Shockwaves ripple through the Barlow household as the impact of Peter’s return looks set to have lasting effects on the family.


Trailer: David's Revenge

Expect a thrilling week on Coronation Street as David Platt becomes Judge, Jury and Executioner...

David is dealt another agonising blow when he hears that Kylie's killer, Clayton may not get the justice he deserves.

Determined to take matters into his own hands David comes up with a devastating and disturbing plan.

Will anyone be able to stop him?

Don't miss a catastrophic week of episodes from Monday 17th October.


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