Shona Ramsey

Shona Ramsey is played by Julia Goulding

First Appearance: 16th December 2016

Shona's Heartbreak

Julia Goulding discusses Shona and David's break-up and what's coming up for them both in this heart-wrenching storyline.

Before this point what had she noticed about David's behaviour?

She had noticed he had become really distant with her, very angry, short tempered and snappy. He is not engaging with anything but Shona is focusing on that he is not engaging with her.

She is not seeing the bigger picture that he is also being like this with the kids, with Gail and with work.

Does Shona have any idea why their relationship has changed?

Shona believes she is the problem. She just thinks that he doesn't want to be with her anymore and that he is just not telling her.

David and Shona were very loved up over Christmas, and this has literally changed overnight and she can't for the life of her think of a reason why, so assumes it must be because of her.

Does Shona really believe that this is the end of their relationship?

She really does love him. But as he has turned around, looked her in the eye and said he no longer loves her, so she is very adamant that that is it. She feels very stupid.

What were Shona's first thoughts when she first heard David say that?

Oh, it really was gut-wrenching for her. She saved face in front of him because she was so shocked, she couldn't possibly believe that this is what he is saying her.

But he was so cold towards her, so she took her stuff and left.

What was your reaction when you first heard about this storyline?

It is an important issue and a very brave issue for Coronation Street to tackle. I had every faith, I didn't question it in any way, because hard subjects are done with such sensitivity and proper justice.

It is the aftermath that is the important story, the way David deals with what has happened and his mental health, so I feel really privileged that I have been trusted with this storyline.

What has it been like filming these scenes with Jack?

It's always amazing filming with Jack. When David and Shona are happy we have loads of fun filming those scenes.

Filming conflict, especially with Jack, we bounce of each other really well.

How do you take yourself out of the mindset filming difficult scenes like that?

We can fall into it quite easily because Jack and I have a really good relationship, so it doesn't take much to get where we need to in those scenes.

Afterwards we talk about really random, silly things and that shakes it off for both of us.


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  • Shona Ramsey

Shona Ramsey

Shona Ramsey is played by Julia Goulding

Address: 8 Coronation Street

Family: David Platt (Partner), Clayton Hibbs (Son)

First Appearance: 16th December 2016

  • Shona Ramsey