Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald is played by Simon Gregson

First Appearance: 6th December 1989

The End Of An Era

As we bid a fond farewell to the McDonalds at the Rovers, Simon Gregson looks back at some of Steve and Liz's classic moments over the years.

What's been your favourite McDonald memory?

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Behind The Scenes: Nick's Quicksand Terror

Who fancies a trip to the seaside with the Coronation Street cast and crew?

Just watch where you stand...

Ben Price, Chris Gascoyne and Simon Gregson take us away from Weatherfield to see how we filmed Nick's terrifying quicksand scenes.

Director Michael Lacey discusses the trials and tribulations of filming on a beach - especially when the sea doesn't behave like it's supposed to!

Thankfully HM Coastguard were on hand to offer advice and help us out of any tight spots!


Heartbreak for Michelle and Steve

Coronation Street is to tackle the difficult subject of late miscarriage when Michelle Connor loses her baby at 23 weeks.

Actress Kym Marsh has taken the brave decision to be involved in the storyline just a few years after she lost her son Archie at a similar stage of pregnancy.

Kym and producer Kate Oates discussed the storyline early in 2016 and Kym felt, that as it was a subject so close to her heart, she wanted to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding late miscarriage.

The programme has worked closely with Stillbirth and Neonatal death charity Sands on the episode which will air on ITV week beginning January 9th 2017.

In the coming weeks viewers will see Michelle and Steve struggle to come to terms with the loss of their beloved baby boy Ruairi (pronounced Rory) after she goes into early labour.

The heartbreaking scenes explore how the death affects both the mother and father and also the extended family.

Kym Marsh said:

“I thought long and hard before agreeing to take on the challenge of this storyline. It is obviously a cause very close to my heart having lost my beautiful Archie at 21 weeks and 5 days. I discussed it with my family and friends, all of who were very supportive.

“In the end I felt it was an important story to tell in order to raise awareness of something which affects thousands of women every year.

“I have had to go to some very dark places in my mind whilst filming these heartbreaking scenes but my family, friends and colleagues have been incredible. Losing a child is something that never leaves you so to revisit those feelings as Michelle has been challenging.

“Coronation Street ensured that I had a counsellor on set at all times to go to after filming the scenes but for me the best tonic after a hugely emotional day was to go home to my kids and be reminded of how lucky I am to have them.

“I am very proud of what we have done with this storyline and I hope it helps raise awareness and helps people to talk about their own experiences.”

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates said:

”The subject of miscarriage will always be sensitive; but telling this story with Simon and Kym at the centre would always have an extra poignancy. Through careful writing and research, we hope we are able to encourage discussion, understanding and compassion for those viewers affected by the loss of a baby.

"The cast were in safe hands with our amazing and empathetic director Tony Prescott, and it has been humbling to see all the actors involved being so selfless and generous in their performances.”

Day Twenty-Four

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year from everyone at Coronation Street!

Don't miss the Christmas Day special episode at 8pm on ITV!

Christmas Day Preview Clip

Testing Steve

With the possibility that Steve has a condition that he could pass on to his children, you would think that he would go and get tested...

We spoke to Simon Gregson about why things with Steve are never quite that simple!

How is Steve dealing with the two dad thing in general? Is he trying to put Leanne and baby out of his mind and focus on Michelle?

Yes it’s typical Steve, he’s burying his head in the sand and hoping it will all go away. He had this one night stand with Leanne when he thought it was all over with Michelle then when Leanne came back and said she was pregnant he couldn’t believe it, unlucky!

He’s just hoping it will never come out and praying his life can be normal for once.

When did he get the call from Jim about Myotonic Dystrophy? How might it impact on him and his offspring? Is Amy not affected?

He gets a call from Jim who tells him he’s found out he has this condition so Steve needs to get tested. If Steve has it then the chances are Amy will do too and his baby but as usual Steve reacts oddly and doesn’t want to know.

I think he’s just hiding from it, he needs to know if he has this condition but he chooses not to. He doesn’t want to have the test, I think he’s frightened of what they might tell him.

Why does he only tell Michelle about it at the scan?

They’re so overwhelmed that they’re having a baby and when it comes to the day of the scan and Steve sees the pictures of the baby and how formed it is already that he gets really emotional. That’s when it hits home that this little baby he’s just seen could have this disease and he opens up to Michelle then.

Does he want to keep it secret from Leanne and Nick?

Yeah, I think he’s biding his time until he tells Leanne, he wants to get his own head around it first and then when he has he’ll go and tell Leanne and Nick, but unfortunately that gets done for him and he gets in a right mess again.

Coronation Street - ITV

What happens when he’s summoned to Leanne and Nick’s flat? What do they want from him? What’s his reaction?

They want him to take the test but I think a) the fact that they know without him having decided to tell them and b) the fact he’s been summoned there so they can tell him what to do causes Steve to just lose it. He’s been under so much pressure, with Leanne been pregnant with his child then finding out about this disease, that he’s just a guy that’s going to snap at any moment and he does snap.

Does Michelle put pressure on him to have test? Is he burying his head in the sand?

Michelle does but she’s not putting too much pressure on Steve. She’s making all the right noises and what she is saying is making sense. Michelle’s playing the softly, softly game, she knows that if she goes in all guns blazing he’s going to shut down and not go for the test.

What’s Leanne’s plan to make sure he has the test?

Leanne’s plan is to ensure Tracy finds out because she knows she’ll go in all guns blazing and try and force Steve to have the test because she’ll want to know about Amy’s chances. It just heaps even more pressure on Steve.

Will Leanne threaten to tell Michelle about her baby? Will his marriage be over if that happens?

Yes without any doubt. Maybe if he hadn’t run off with Becky behind Michelle’s back then he might have had that one strike to getaway with it but the fact that he’s done it to her before, and the humiliation that would come with everyone knowing it’s Leanne, then I don’t think there’d be any coming back.

It wasn’t an affair, they were on a break, he should have been honest from the outset, but this is Steve and now he’s in way too deep.

Surely the rest of his life will now be like this and he’ll be at the mercy of Leanne and Nick, unless they – or Steve and Michelle – move away?

Yes, Nick’s pretty much got Steve over a barrel, and unless they move away this is it for Steve.