Streetcar Stories

Steve & Lloyd's Streetcar Stories: The Stripper

Have you ever wondered what Steve and Lloyd get up to during those late nights in the Streetcars cab office?

Watch the first episode of 'Streetcar Stories', as Steve and Lloyd get on their (dad) dancing shoes, here...

Streetcar Stories: 'The Stripper'

Follow all the mischief and mayhem with 'Streetcar Stories', a new mini-series by Coronation Street scriptwriter Chris Fewtrell, exclusive to!

And in the next instalment of Streetcar Stories, Steve and Lloyd have some serious business to settle... Get ready for a standoff like no other!

Streetcar Stories: 'The GBDO'

Steve & Lloyd's Streetcar Stories: The Showdown

As Steve and Lloyd land themselves in hot water, will the mysterious Fat Brenda arrive to save the day?

Watch the final episode of Steve and Lloyd's Streetcar Stories now.

‘Streetcar Stories’ is a four-part mini-series written by Chris Fewtrell, exclusively for Watch the previous episode of Streetcar Stories, where Fat Brenda's daughter Imogen reveals a big secret about Steve, here:

Steve & Lloyd's Streetcar Stories: The Great British Dunk Off

Will Lloyd win the battle of the biscuits and make it to his date with Andrea? Will Steve's cookie crumble?

With a serious forfeit at stake (a trip to Oldham with tip-dodger Norris) Steve and Lloyd go head-to-head...

Streetcar Stories: The Great British Dunk Off

Can you beat Steve and Lloyd's dunk-off record? Call yourself a tough cookie? Tweet @itvcorrie with your biscuit-and-brew pictures and the hashtag #CorrieDunkOff for the chance of a retweet.