Toyah Battersby

Toyah Battersby is played by Georgia Taylor

First Appearance: 4th July 1997

Toyah's Baby

We spoke to Georgia Taylor about whether Toyah and Eva's baby plans will result in their happily-ever-after...

Does Toyah feel bad about the web of lies she is spinning?

This plan is so crazy and doesn’t ever seem like it’s going to work but once they have started it there’s never really a good time to back out, they’ve gone too far and they get in too deep. If this did work, it would be perfect for everyone but of course, this is soap…

How confident is Toyah that this plan will work?

She is definitely not confident, she has entered into this with a sense of trepidation. With Toyah being a counsellor, what is interesting is that if this were happening to a friend of hers, she would strongly advise against this but she is so desperate for a child and so vulnerable that the rational side of her has been overruled and her heart has led instead of her head.

What happens when Toyah gets to the cottage and finds that Eva is in labour?

Toyah hears screams and Eva says she has gone in to labour but unfortunately the door to the bathroom has fallen off with Eva trapped inside. Toyah smashes the hell out of that door because she is going to make sure that Eva and her baby are okay. Toyah finds herself delivering the baby and what I love about this so much is it reminded me of my days on Casualty because this is the kind of thing happens on those kind of shows all the time, total flashback!

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