Underworld Collapse

Carla Connor

To many in Weatherfield, Carla is public enemy number one. We spoke to Alison King about what's in store for Mrs Connor...

FIRST LOOK: Factory Collapse

With her plans to outsource the factory exposed, there are those who believe she deliberately wanted to force the premises to be shutdown.

Others are left wondering if her desire to chase profits led her to ignore the warning signs of a damaged roof, putting off repairs and placing her staff at risk. Viewers know she asked Gary to ignore the need for a full repair and patch up the roof as cheaply as possible.

Does this make Carla the prime suspect?

As she starts to unravel, her guilt lying heavy, she’s certainly a key suspect in the eyes of the law as she’s quickly brought in for questioning.

Will Carla lie to the police about what she knew about the state of the roof or will she crumble under the pressure and confess all?