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Catch up with Sam Aston

We sat down with Sam Aston to chat about Chesney's family, relationship and worries.

Here's Why You Should Watch Corrie Next Week!

Next week: Daniel's heart is broken and Asha is put into a difficult position.

Our Chat With Elle Mulvaney

Join us as we sit down with Elle Mulvaney to discuss how Amy's being coping.

The Drama Unfolds On Corrie Next Week

Next week: Mason pulls out a knife on Liam, Amy and Aadi kiss, and Peter's rage rises.

Here's Why You Should Watch Corrie Next Week!

Next week: Amy is arrested, Bernie faces court and Dylan runs away.

Things To Look Out For In Next Week's Corrie

Next Week: Bernie is arrested, Carla makes matters worse and Dylan causes disruption.

Coming Up On Corrie!

Next week: Daniel demands the truth, Stu seeks some answers and has Aadi made the right choice?

Jack Carroll joins the cast of Coronation Street.

Carla Barlow is set to get an unexpected Christmas present this festive season in the shape of a surprise family member.

Things To Look Out For In Next Week's Corrie

Next Week: Tensions run high for Daisy, Michael is taken away by the police and Aadi tries his best with Courtney.

Peter Barlow Arrested For The Murder Of Stephen Reid

Actor Chris Gascoyne has revealed that he is delighted that Peter Barlow is the person the Coronation Street producers chose to kill murderer Stephen Reid.

Thrills, Chills, & Close Encounters

Corrie fans get unprecedented access facing up to ‘Stephen Reid’ as his reign of terror came to a close!

The End Of Stephen Is Just The Beginning For Peter

A thrilling week of Coronation Street episodes came to a climax tonight as stunned viewers saw evil killer Stephen Reid leave the show in a body bag,

Will Stephen Kill Again?

Is Stephen really capable of killing again?

What you saw versus what we saw: Canal Edition

Take a deeper dive into behind the scene of our day at the canal with this side by side comparison video.

Audrey Confronts Her Son - But Has She Put Herself In Danger?

In tonight’s dramatic episode of Coronation Street Audrey finally finds out the truth about her beloved son Stephen stealing all the equity in her house.

Behind The Scenes: Stephen vs Tim

Did Stephen leave Tim for dead? Let's take a look behind the scenes on the making of tonight's episode.

Congratulations Paul and Billy!

Monday 2nd Oct we saw Paul and Billy tie the knot! Let's take a look behind the scenes.

Will Stephen Kill Again?

Who's next in line for Stephen?

Sensational Super Soap Week Sees Stephen's Secrets Revealed

Stephen Reid's reign of terror reaches a dramatic climax on the cobbles this month in the nail biting final chapter of this thrilling storyline. 

Next Week: Paul and Billy Get Married!

Next week is full of love as Paul and Billy tie the knot.

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