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Preview Clips: Friday 1st March

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7.30pm (1 hour episode)

On the run and desperate, Clayton demands Shona help him out and get him some cash to aid his escape from justice. But will she assist him?

I can't hang around here waiting for you to let us down again. I've got to get away.

– Clayton Hibbs

Billy looks on in admiration as Paul passionately defends the planned bail hostel (and the rehabilitation of offenders) to Claudia and the others in the Rovers.

What if you hadn't had a nice family, or a nice house to come out to, or a job waiting for you. You can see how people fall back into bad habits.

– Paul Foreman

Preview Clips: Wednesday 27th February

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An excited Tracy takes the day off to spend some quality time with Amy before the scan. But Amy secretly wonders how she’s going to get out of it. When will the truth come out?

I really don't think I can make the scan.

– Amy Barlow


Having told Sally, to no avail, that Gina is innocent of stealing the money, Kevin begs Gina to think twice about leaving and offers her a bed at No.13 for as long as she likes. Will she accept?

Yeah for now, but she's got a good heart. She'll come round eventually.

– Kevin Webster

Preview Clips: Monday 25th February

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Whilst Sinead starts her radiotherapy, Daniel beavers away on his essay. But Sinead worries that he’s trying to do too much. Will he be able to juggle all his responsibilities?

I'm just worried that he's doing too much, and he won't be told.

– Sinead Tinker


Having found out that her insurance company won’t pay out (and a full proper job would mean closing the factory for weeks) Carla instructs Gary to do a quick fix for £8k and not a word to Nick. But will she live to regret her decision?

Alright, it's your shout, but I'm not happy about it.

– Gary Windass

Preview Clips: Friday 22nd February

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7.30pm (1 hour episode)

Paul reveals to Shona that Clayton is being let out for Dane’s funeral.

Billy suggests Shona goes to the service so that she can see her son, but will she agree?

Thingy ain't it... compassionate grounds.

– Paul Winter

There's a mix up with the collection money at the factory after Kevin mistakes it for the cash left by Sophie. Can Gina explain the missing money, or has she accidentally landed herself in hot water?

Are you 100% sure you posted it through that letter box?

– Sophie Webster

Preview Clips: Wednesday 20th February

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Kate arrives home to discover that Rana has got carried away and invited too many people to their wedding! How will they sort this mess out?

Half of those names were second choices, reserves, if the others couldn't come...

– Kate Connor