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Preview Pictures: This week On The Street

With the net closing in on Geoff will he get caught in one of his own lies? Also: Roy finds Shona and Asha takes a stand.

Preview Clip: Friday 29th May

Geoff arrives home from hospital to discover his key won’t work. How will he react when Alya announces she’s changed the locks and he's barred from the house?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 27th May

A confused Shona visits Clayton in prison and admits she only remembers him as a little boy. Will she believe his lies about David?

Preview Clip: Monday 25th May

One of the Weatherfield County players makes a dig at James’s sexuality. Will he be able to stand up for himself without it affecting his position in the team?

Preview Pictures: This Week On Coronation Street

Shona comes home for a visit but will Clayton's lies cause more trouble for David?

Preview Clip: Friday 22nd May

When Don makes yet another racist remark, Michael can’t believe that his Dad just takes it on the chin. Will Ed take a stand?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 20th May

When the doctor explains they need to run more tests on Oliver, Steve loses his cool and demands to know if his son is going to live or die.

Preview Clip: Monday 18th May

David admits to Craig that he gets an adrenaline rush from taking stupid risks. Can Craig talk some sense into him before he gets hurt?

Baroness Lawrence works with Coronation Street on special Bailey family episodes

Coronation Street has joined forces with Baroness Doreen Lawrence on a storyline which will shine a light on the damaging effects of racist verbal abuse.

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

This week on the Street: Ed takes a stand, Gemma takes a brave step, Leanne and Steve try to remain positive and love is in the air for Evelyn...

Interview: Jane Danson

There are troubled times ahead for Leanne as Oliver's health takes a turn for the worse. Jane Danson shares her thoughts on the upcoming storyline.

Preview Clip: Friday 15th May

Don, the new Bistro Manager, tells Ed that he isn’t happy with their work, but is the criticism really down to their building skills?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 13th May

Steve and Leanne describe Oliver’s symptoms to the doctor. Will they be able to find out what's wrong with him?

Preview Clip: Monday 11th May

Imran pleads with the Judge for leniency at Yasmeen's bail hearing, but will it make a difference?

Preview Pictures: Coming up on Coronation Street

Coming up: David plays vigilante! Yasmeen steels herself for her hearing, Leanne and Steve worry about Oliver and James sees red!

Preview Clip: Monday 4th May

Yasmeen is taken to the police station, will the police believe that she was forced to act in self defence?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 6th May

Nina jumps to defend Asha when she is being laughed at and mocked by some lads.

Preview Clip: Friday 8th May

Having learnt how Kelly shared the naked video of Asha, Paul puts pressure on Billy to chuck her out of the flat.

Preview Pictures: What's coming up on Coronation Street?

Yasmeen faces the consequences of her actions, but will Imran and Alya be able to help? Also: Gary defends Kelly and Nina is the new hero on the block!

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